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LinkedIn is one of the largest growing websites for business networking. If you are serious about furthering your career, it is essential that you have a presence on this networking website. Creating a presence on LinkedIn starts with your profile. These are some tips on how to create and maintain an effective profile that will get you results.

To increase your presence on LinkedIn, your profile should be filled in as completely as possible. Arrange your LinkedIn profile with the most important information at the beginning. Start with a summary that includes an overview of your skills and qualifications. Next, you can fill in your relevant experience, education, and any additional information. By including your prior work and educational experience, you will be able to connect with more people.

As you work on your profile, a completion bar of your progress will be displayed. You will see additional suggestions for completing your profile. One of the most important aspects of a complete profile is a proper photo. The photo should be one suited for a professional environment. The photos you have on Facebook, for example, may not be appropriate for your LinkedIn profile.

You will also need to write a headline, which is a tagline for your profile. Your headline provides the first impression others will see of you on the website. It is important that you treat your professional headline as a brand, by letting people know who you are and what is important to you. Of course, this is something that you can change, and LinkedIn lets you easily edit the different aspects of your profile, including your headline.

When you fill out your profile, you will receive a URL address where people can locate your information. This is a random URL, so you'll want to change it to something easier for others to remember. The best practice is to include your name in the URL.

Similar to Facebook, you will have the opportunity to add status updates to your profile. You should plan on updating your status weekly for increased visibility. This is a great place to mention completed projects, or anything else you want to draw people's attention to in your career. This is not the best place for casual or personal commentary. Take a look at other's status updates to see what is appropriate.

There are four new sections that have been recently added to the profile area. You can now specify any skills, certifications, publications, and languages. This is a great opportunity to showcase specific skills, and any published professional writing. While you may have mentioned skills or certifications on your resume, this area also allows you to highlight them in more detail.

Now that you've created your profile, the next step is to interact with others. On LinkedIn, recommendations are essential for credibility. One way recommendations have more weight and validity, as compared to two-way recommendations where you write one, and the same person writes one for you.

By spending the initial time setting up your profile for maximum impact, you'll increase your visibility on LinkedIn. In addition, it will be easy to maintain and change your profile information by setting aside a little time every week to do so. LinkedIn offers innumerable opportunities for career and business networking, and it is worth the small investment in time it takes to optimize your profile.

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