Strategies to Grow Organic Blog Traffic: Make Your Blog Sticky

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Whether you're new to blogging or an established authority, you want each blog post to draw in traffic over the long term. This is called "stickiness" in the blogosphere. Attract more organic search engine traffic and make your blog stickier by following these four strategies.


Grow Organic Blog Traffic Tips


Stay on Topic

Write your blog about different angles of a single topic - your niche. Don't throw in unrelated topics, and don't have too many categories. It's better to start a second or third blog if you find your ideas straying from the main point.

For instance, there are dozens of topics under the broad heading of "affiliate marketing." On a blog like this, you wouldn't talk about how to rebuild a carburetor or paint a landscape painting. At the same time, don't write two blog posts about each aspect of affiliate marketing. Instead, write a dozen posts about one aspect: go deeply into your subject so readers view you as an authority.

Make It Easy to Go Viral

Videos, podcasts and webinars are incredibly sticky. Visitors want to share rich information with friends and these multimedia marketing efforts stay high in search engine results for a very long time. Of course your blog must be worthy of sharing, so put forth your best effort with each post.

Use plugins on every post that allow social sharing and count the number of likes, shares, tweets, etc. Each time the counter ticks up, it's another testimonial to how worthwhile your blog is to visit. Track the number of hits and write more on popular topics.

Create Conversation and Debate

Invite visitors to leave comments. Answer comments, especially if they're left on posts that are years old. Ruthlessly police your blog for spam and eliminate spammers. Blogging is about community and conversation, so participate!

Creating debate doesn't mean you have to be controversial, although that's one way to engage blog readers and raise your organic search engine rank. Ask and answer questions. Take a look at alternative ideas and debunk myths. Welcome input and be willing to change your perspective if there's convincing evidence. Most of all, be human.

Write a Comprehensive Reference Page

One of the stickiest pages on any website is the FAQ or reference page. A well-written reference page addresses a broad range of reader concerns and guides visitors to click on links within your blog for deeper answers.

Search engines will often present FAQ pages as the first result because they're naturally keyword rich and comprehensive. Add this page to your blog and your organic click-throughs will start growing overnight. Keep this page updated regularly with fresh content and links.

Blog Stickiness is a Long-Term Investment

Stay on-topic and develop ideas deeply, with authority. Make it easy for individual posts to go viral, and show off your popularity to all new visitors. Create community by encouraging and answering comments. Finally, write the stickiest page of all: a comprehensive reference guide on your niche topic.

To grow a successful blog, you want visitors to click through and stay on your blog. You also want them to spread your ideas through social sharing and to celebrate you as an authority. Accomplish these goals and you'll improve your organic search engine rank along the way.

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