Strategies to Grow Organic Blog Traffic: Follow a Content Formula

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Content Formula


If you're trying to attract organic search engine traffic to your blog, content is obviously the most important piece of your puzzle. Improve the impact of your content through these five strategies.

Create Powerful and Keyword-Relevant Headlines

The headline shows up in RSS feeds and in organic search engine results, so it must capture the reader's attention to create the initial click. The headline is a promise to potential readers. Make it keyword-relevant and engaging.

Unless you're a world-famous blogger with thousands of followers, your headline should clearly state what the blog post is about and appear to answer the reader's problem or question. Write, "Strategies to Grow Organic Blog Traffic" rather than, "Turn Your Posts Into Venus Fly Traps" or something equally clever. Simplicity and proper keywords grow traffic faster.

Deliver Your Best Opening Paragraph

The opening paragraph should be short and repeat the headline using slightly different keywords. Readers scan the first lines to decide whether to read on, so don't bombard them with 100 words that cause them to bounce immediately away.

Use a question, state a problem, or introduce a fascinating fact or number. New visitors to your blog are looking for answers and want very much to remain on the page rather than bounce back to search engine results. Be straightforward and let them know they're in the right place.

Write the Body in the Right Voice

You must know your audience in order to choose the right "voice" throughout your blog. Who are your readers? What is their education level, background experience, and socioeconomic status? Why should they visit your blog?

Blog posts are typically conversational, as though the writer is speaking directly to a single reader. If you're writing a news site, make your posts newsy; if you're writing about peer-reviewed research, use the language of your readers. As you write content for your blog, imagine you're having a cup of coffee with a student or colleague and let the words flow.

Make Blog Posts Truly Unique

Google turned search engine optimization (SEO) on its ear with the Panda updates, so you already know every single blog post must be fresh and unique. Duplicate content hurts your blog's ranking, especially if identical content is found on several sites across the web.

Make your blog content unique by writing every post from scratch, creating a conversational and engaging voice, and talking to your readers rather than at them. Teach instead of sell. Hire a ghostwriter or ask for guest posts on your topic. And, don't republish the exact same words over and over.

Wrap It Together in the Closing

There's nothing worse for a blog visitor than reading 642 words and being left high-and-dry by the writer at the end. Recap the article quickly and always, always include a call-to-action in the closing paragraphs.

What do you want the visitor to do next? Click on another post, order your product, leave a comment, or take action on what you've presented? Tell the reader what to do. You work hard to get organic search engine traffic to your blog. Don't lose that precious reader with a weak closing.

Apply the Powerful Content Formula to Every Blog Post

Create simple, keyword-rich headlines that bring the initial click. Write a punchy opening paragraph that tells readers they're in the right place for answers. Use the right voice throughout your blog, speaking directly to a well-defined audience. Write each post with fresh and fascinating ideas and don't repeat yourself word-for-word. Wrap it up nicely and tell the reader what to do next.

This content formula might seem simple, but these five principles help you attract more organic traffic and grow a successful blog. The long-term search engine ranking results are well worth the effort.

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