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website traffic battle


Just like a sword-fought battle you would have seen in Ancient Greece, the Internet is filled with fierce competition every way you look. All it takes is one Google search to find out that your competition has already invested in the latest tech to put his website one step ahead of yours. This is unacceptable, absolutely unacceptable. What can you do about it? You are not an endless money pit, you have to draw the line somewhere and you might have to quit if your competitors keep throwing their money at site boosting techniques. Wrong, you don't have to worry if your competitor has beaten you at one leg of the race because that is all that has happened. You may have started out badly and fallen slightly behind but in the ever-changing and possibly never ending Internet there will always be a new method and a new technique to boost your website ahead of his and stay there. The number one way to guarantee your website's success is to promote yourself through buying web visits.

Why Is This Necessary?
Sometimes novice's in this new environment are skeptical of the various methods to promoting your website. People often wonder if there is any true potential in their site and yet, they often don't believe that if the effort and hard work is put in, then they have all the power at their hands to become the top seller in their business market. It is very easy to accidentally put yourself at a disadvantage like this, and the first step is just admitting that there are some things that haven't come into your view yet. Make sure that you have an open mind towards this, as you will be amazed in the beginning at the vastness and seemingly outrageous ways to promote a website. Lets start off with one of the most basic methods that is counted as direct promotion. In it's simplest form it is just direct traffic being sent to a website. If you invest in buying web traffic than you are essentially allowing your website to grow outside it's normal boundaries. This is the most underrated method in all of Internet marketing.

Is This Even Profitable?
Without a doubt this is the most heard question when it comes to buying web traffic and other forms of promotion. The main point that needs to be assured to a potential user, is that a website is both friendly to the user and looks like it is used by others. This idea is based off of the notion that people like to use websites that their friends are on. Need a great example of this, social networking in essence plays off of this. Would you ever enter into a social networking site if you weren't trying to just connect with your friends you have already made in real life. The truth is these sites are said to let you communicate with your friends, find your lost relatives and buddies from a school you left five years ago, but they are really just playing on your minds to get money through their own traffic. Like I mentioned earlier, money is created through the page views. Not only are there many different ways to use your page views and visitors, but the possibilities are almost endless.

Originality Leads to Success with more Page Views
Like I mentioned, there are almost no boundaries when it comes to utilizing your new visitors. Once you have made the investment in buying web traffic, the first thing that should go across your mind is what exactly am I supposed to do with the increase in traffic... maybe you already have some ideas in mind, you may have heard of ways to monetize your traffic but in the end, coming up with a completely original never before seen idea will least to an enormous viral effect that will end in the best possible way for your website. People are unfortunately locked into looking for the 'best' or 'most profitable' methods, but the truth is to fully use your traffic you need to come up with something that has never been seen before. The reason Google is the number 1 search engine? It has nothing to do with the search engine itself, its in the background services they built into their website. Google maps, Google earth, adsense, adwords, are some of the most advanced and creative new services that were never seen before the time of Google. One of the most overrated websites is actually the search engine itself, people are giving way too much credit to that and forgetting about the true originality that came out of the company. The truth is, Google has been made famous by the amazing original ideas that they came up with themselves, and then put into action and profited off of. They follow this method of idea creation, and used their own search engine as a way to send visitors into their other services. Essentially this is the perfect set up, get visitors, send them where you please, and then profit off of other people who want a cut of your visitors. Now just think what you will be capable of doing once you start increasing your page views. Doesn't the 'endless possibilities' sound much more possible for your currently small website to grow into? The truth is, as a website owner you have a ton in common with the major websites and the work and effort you put into your website will not have a chance to fully develop without some help from web traffic. It may seem odd at first that you have to actually invest in the same visitors that will be making you profit, but in the end is there really any reason to question the same system that has made so many companies extremely rich. Remind yourself in tough times that every website started in the same exact place you are in now, and adding some web traffic might just be the boost your website needs.

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