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Google Plus Vs Facebook


This past year with the release of Google's new social networking site we were met with heavy skepticism on how it would fare in the real world. As you may know, Google decided to build up the hype behind it's own new site, by making it seem exclusive and only allowing people to join through an invite. The truth is as funny or attractive of an idea as that seemed, people were very off-put by the idea of an online social networking site that would be making itself exclusive before it even get mainstream. Basically people thought, why leave Facebook for a newer, cleaner service that is just going to abuse us ten times more than we were at Facebook, it was a bit of the "if it's not broken, don't fix it" mentality which went a long way to possibly destroying the social media giant that could have been.

After lots of speculation and months of many people losing their interest, Google finally decided to open the floodgates for unlimited numbers of visitors and hopefully a huge uprising from Facebook, but the end result was very lackluster. People at this point were not interested in using Google plus, and they just wanted all of the hype to go away at this point. While news channels and many online sources were saying how great the site would be for promotion and other advertising ideas... they all fell through due to the lack of users. There is no point in spending the time on putting together a social image of yourself if you are only going to be marketing it towards a tiny crowd. With all of the new business expenses these days and other problems that people have to deal with, there just is no incentive for people to join a site that doesn't already have a huge user base in it. Unfortunately, for these reasons I believe almost any site being launched in that time frame would have failed. It may be sad for Google, but think again about who we are questioning. This is the media giant that took the entire internet by surprise when they released their revolutionary search engine that would change the entire face of the internet for years to come. Not one website in existence today has anything to offer over Google's search and other services. Lets just take a minute to think about what exactly they offer. Google maps, earth, translation, advertising for both publishers and the companies, Google clearly has no problem with marketing their products. Almost all of Google's services have been not only great successes but have been the top one in their entire market, we are talking about a multifaceted business that can take over almost any market they desire, this is the essential business idea behind an amazing multi-million dollar, if not billion dollar, corporation.

So Why Did G+ Fail

The problem in Googe's newly invented idea behind marketing a product to people but not letting them have it has created more problems for the company than anything else. I would argue that the principle behind their idea was the exact opposite of the people who are looking for a social networking site. People want in, people don't want to have the carrot dangled in front of their faces as they watch everyone else join the website, this created a lot of hatred and contempt for people that could not get an invite. Even though it happened to be an interesting concept, the truth is that it works in the opposite way that Google had hoped, and it lead to a long drawn out death for G+. Hopefully they will bring in some new workers and win over the crowd with some new services they add in the future, but this time people are not going to be as easy to hype up over updates, and I expect people to wait and see for themselves whether or not Google Plus deserves their profile. Another interesting reason that Google has seemingly failed against their short fight with Facebook, is that people had basically no need for a new social networking site. With Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, as the main networks people just don't have time to run an entirely new profile. At this point it isn't socially acceptable to just do a poor job on one profile and focus on the others, so most of the big celebrities and business' moved in as expected, but people have no desire. At least with Twitter, people are able to interact with each other, gain followers, and it is a unique idea for a website. Google Plus, other than looking very nice and having some cleaned up Facebook ideas, brings nothing new to the table. A lack of any innovation is clearly going to be the final nail in the coffin for Google Plus. Take note that I was never truly against this new service, just their method of promotion and their childish attempt to make people want what they cannot have. Similarly, people in life do wish they could have a sports car even if they cannot afford one, but when it comes to social networking if you try to implement this method it just leads to annoyed customers. Everything that Google Plus wouldn't offer, was put forth by Facebook, so it seems that the competition has just overwhelmed the Internet power-player and they didn't know how to react. Maybe they will come back in the future, but we can leave the speculation to people who at least have some inside info on the company's plans. Hopefully they will succeed in bringing in more people, more apps, and an overall better platform to social networking, right now a completely new and interesting platform for the average person would be amazing. Furthermore, with Google Plus putting at least a tiny amount of stress onto Facebook we can absolutely plan on seeing some more competitiveness and therefore innovation to come out of them both, which means we win for once as the customer.

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