Challenges that Online Marketers will Face in 2012

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Changes marketers will face in 2012


With every New Year, new challenges await online marketers. Though many online marketers understand this, 2011 seemed to bring in thousands of brand-new online marketers, and they may not fully understand the challenges that await them in 2012.

By understanding these challenges now, new online marketers will be better equipped to handle the New Year. Moreover, it gives them an advantage over their competition. Here are a few challenges they should expect to face.

1. Competition.

Competition is healthy, but it is also dangerous to your own business. With more people moving their business online, the competition will be great. Therefore, online marketers need to refine their strategy to account for the competition they will face. Even if you believe that you are in an unpopulated niche, you can expect to have competition in 2012.

One thing you can do to prepare for your competition is to get a head start on your various campaigns, such as your social media campaign and article marketing campaign. Your competition will undoubtedly use these same methods after doing their own research, so you should take things a step further by utilizing methods that not many people are utilizing. For example, you can hire a third-party company to improve your social media pages. They can revamp your business' Facebook page to look very professional, giving you the edge you need.

Another thing you can do is perfect your brand's image. You need to position yourself so that your company is the authority for your industry. Instead of focusing on multiple skills, focus on one skill that sets you apart from everyone else. For example, you may know how to design websites, graphics and edit photos, but you should pick one of these skills to master. After that, you will be the authority for that skill; people will instantly think of you when they need that service.

2. SEO.

2011 brought some significant changes to the SEO game, leaving many online business owners confused. The Panda update was just the first step towards revamping the way search engines index websites. The arrival of Google+ also brought some changes to SEO, allowing users to voice their opinion on what they deem as a high-quality website.

Because SEO is constantly changing, this is a challenge that even new online marketers should expect to face. However, Google rarely leaves people out of the dark in terms of new SEO methods. With that being said, Google also does not want site owners to manipulate the algorithm. However, these new changes seem to have put an end to SEO manipulation. Now site owners are not only encouraged to create quality content, they are forced to create quality content, if they want their site to be highly ranked.

3. Social media.

In 2011, many SEO experts suggested that social media was the best tool for online marketing. However, after countless months of research and study, many experts are discovering that social media has done little to help online business owners generate leads and close sales. What they found was that many B2B leaders were having a hard time using social media, while B2C leaders were experiencing the greatest benefits. While there are a few different reasons for this, new online marketers will benefit from researching these studies and statistics for their own business.

People are catching on to business owners' social media tricks. They know about the business pages, the contests, the incentives and fake engagement for trust exchange. Therefore, online marketers need to try hard to develop new ways to use social media. For starters, marketers should focus more on customer relations than marketing strategies. A marketing strategy will do no good if the customers are not listening to the sales pitches and calls-to-action.

Hopefully this will help new online marketers understand what challenges they may face in 2012. Change is always scary, but the courageous greatly benefit. Don't be afraid to embrace the challenge.

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