Why Google SEO will Fail at Times When Targeted Traffic Prevails

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Have you ever wondered why your website seems to be always changing in the form of its Google ranking? One day you are on page one and the next you have dropped to page five... and in a week you are still not at a constant place. This is madness, this is Google. Unfortunately with an ever-changing system such as Google, you are bound to always be hitting speed bumps and have problems down the road. There is more or less nothing you can do about this except constantly be on your game and always be looking ahead to the future. This breaks down in two ways, one is that you always have to be ready to fix a problem that Google has caused for you. This means if your SEO ranking drops in someway you now need to find a different way of promoting your website and gaining that virtual credit towards a higher ranking.

On the other leg of this spectrum, there is another way to guarantee higher website rankings but also increased revenue. Lets examine the way your customers will view your website, one is of course through organic traffic which normally comes from Google or a similar search domain. It's really simple people are trying to find a certain website and Google is the middleman for your and connects you with that person. In this post we do not need to examine why exactly that also benefits Google, but for the most part you just need to understand that all traffic is not the same. With Google, as I explained above, you are never sure of how long your reign will last on page one, unless you are an enormous multimillion dollar corporation that spends millions on large scale advertising and marketing, there is no point to wasting your time and energy just trying to rank through Google. The smarter way would be towards cutting out that middleman and getting the traffic you desire without all the luck involved with the big G. Of course this is not what Google wants because they make trillions of dollars off of small business owners and basically every single website involved with their many programs every single day. If you invest in traffic for you website, you are looking at long term gains, large user-base and followers who are going to be constantly promoting and coming back to your site. This is exactly what you are striving for with Google, without all the hassle. There is absolutely no point in wasting time putting money into a service or people who claim to increase the SEO, of your website without actually seeing gains or making a larger profit in the meantime, pick the smart path and invest in targeted traffic to see the largest gains in advertising yet!

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