Top 5 Trends in Viral Marketing for your Business

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Viral Marketing Trends


Viral marketing techniques can help your company promote its products and services using social networking resources. It is one of the best ways to build credibility for your business and generate a large amount of customers at the same time. Most of the promotional campaigns through viral marketing involve the use of blogs, articles, newsletters, video sharing including commercials that are viewed by thousands of website visitors. In turn, these people pass on the message to others who may not be surfing the web on a regular basis.

The main purpose of viral marketing is to create strong and compelling ideas and information that can be easily disseminated across a large audience. Obviously, companies find viral marketing to be a powerful tool as it has the ability to influence many people and turn them into potential customers. In addition, it is cost effective and economical as compared to other forms of advertising that works out well within the company's budget.

What viral marketing can do for your business?

-Increases flow of traffic to your website

Viral marketing acts as an effective channel for establishing a link between the customers for spreading the message among as many people as possible. There is a higher chance of driving targeted traffic to your website using viral marketing methods. Customers who are interested in your products or services and want to know more about them are more likely to get in touch with you by visiting your website.

-Helps create brand awareness

This method of marketing can provide amazing results, if used in the right manner to target your audience. It gives greater exposure to your brand and increased publicity and recognition in the industry. Viral marketing can create a market for you with more number of customers getting in touch with you through word of mouth from other people who share similar interests.

-Nurture relationships with people

Generally, viral marketing serves to connect people who have a desire to know more about your product or services. It provides you with a great opportunity to build a loyal customer base who can pass on your messages to other people. The effectiveness of viral marketing campaigns depends on the ability and the efforts put in the people to spread the information about your company.

-Cost effective and easy to create

Viral marketing can be beneficial to both small and medium sized companies who cannot afford to spend large amounts of money on large publicity campaigns. This method works out to be economical for them and also it does not involve much effort. However, it is important to have a strong message that can have a positive impact on the minds of the audience. Networking with people is essential to have good success in viral marketing and get the best results.

If you want viral marketing to work for your business, then you need to constantly create and innovate strategies, otherwise it is hard to sustain in this competitive environment.

Here are the top 5 trends that you need to follow:

-Good presentation skills

Now just like any other online advertising method, viral marketing also requires captivating messages presented in an attractive manner to the audience. You can provide links to your website or through articles and e-mail newsletters to your audience. In addition, it is good to have a website that is user friendly and allows easy navigation and provides some valuable information to the audience. If you are sharing a video with the viewers, you can include some teasers and provide some juicy information. In short, you should be able to motivate your audience and evoke strong desire in them to know more about your products.

-Share your ideas with the audience

Provide useful tips and share interesting stories with your audience and associate them with your brand to show them how your product can be useful in solving a problem. You can even teach them something new that they may be eager to learn through e-books or tutorials that may be handy to the users. Sharing knowledge with others can be a powerful way to engage the audience and create a positive impact on their minds about your product.

-Providing free offers and rebates

As part of your promotional campaign, it is a good idea to provide some interesting free offers to your customers. You can offer discounts on your company's products or maybe offer a free trial for 30 days that can help the customer test your product. If they are satisfied with the results, they will ultimately come back to you for the final purchase. And if your product is really worth, it will definitely earn your more customers in return with greater profits.

-Using social networking sites

There are plenty of social networking sites that can boost your website traffic and connect you with a large number of users. Besides, blogging can be a great way to enhance your communication with the audience and enables you to get a feedback on your products and services. This will definitely help you in understanding your customer needs well and cater to them in a better manner.

- Encourage people to participate actively

You can provide an entertaining and interactive experience to the audience by offering them with some incentives in the form of contests and sweepstakes. Now, everyone loves winning prizes and getting free offers, so contests can actually motivate the audience to participate and in turn know more about your products and offerings. It can also help you generate a higher traffic to your websites and gives you a unique opportunity to get in touch with maximum number of people.

The success of viral marketing depends on many factors and the most important one is the ability to sell your ideas in a convincing manner to the audience. It is always important to provide new experiences to the people by creating something innovative which they would least expect. There has to be some element of surprise in your content or way of presentation that attracts your customers. Whether it is sharing success stories, testimonials, interactive videos or sharing secrets- it is important to be genuine with your customers.

Viral marketing can provide the best results when customers are actively involved in the process of communicating the message to a larger audience. Hence, the method used has to be simple and user-friendly that allows access to as many people as possible. In the end, what matters the most in viral marketing , is your ability to draw the attention of maximum number of people to your products and services to boost your profit margins.

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