Checklist for Updating a Business Blog

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Checklist: Updating a business blog


A business blog is an essential tool that brings potential new customers in from search engines and social media services and generates priceless word-of-mouth promotion. However, a blog can quickly grow stale if left unattended. Update and maintain your blog each day to keep its content fresh, increase its standing with search engines and encourage visitor engagement.

Outdated Content

Remove or update old blog posts referring to products or services that no longer exist. Old posts may continue to bring traffic to your business's website; these potential customers may become unhappy if they are enticed by a product only to find they can no longer purchase it. If you remove a post, redirect its URL to that of another post containing updated information.


Moderate comments left on your blog, deleting spam and approving comments that offer valuable contributions. Reply to comments when appropriate to show your visitors that you are an active participant in your business blog's community.


Set aside a block of time each day to read and reply to the email your blog generates. Don't let your customers and potential customers wait too long for responses, but do not devote so much time to email that you are unable to update your blog and conduct research for new content.


Spend some time each day reading news headlines related to your business's field. This helps you stay abreast of your competition and can provide material for you to write about in your blog.

Social Accounts

Log in to your business's accounts on social services such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter each day to reply to messages and friend requests, post updates and share interesting content posted by members of your network.

New Content

Post new content on your blog regularly. Possible topics for daily blog posts may include news updates with commentary, information about products your business has in development and notifications about upcoming sales. In addition, conduct a bit of research as frequently as possible for long-format posts that provide a great deal of information and can potentially generate attention for your business's blog. Possible topics for long-format posts may include industry research, historical retrospectives and comprehensive lists of resources.

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