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Everyone and their dog these days can piece together a social platform for their home company and pretend that they know how to advertise and communicate with their customers, but the truth is, people often hugely overestimate their own skills and end up having their business suffer because of this. This is a very unintelligent way of approaching their various business decisions, but that is the difference between a small business and a large multi-faceted media company. Today we will examine the very fine line that people walk on, when trying to become friendly with their customers, and how problematic even a secondary lapse of professionalism can be. If we asked a large portion of our working entrepreneurs and other business type workers, the majority would tell you that there is no boundary to how close you can be with a customer. People would swear by the notion that if a customer and a businessman were best friends, it would lead to the greatest amount of sales, but we will discuss further why this idea is not only incorrect but will cause major problems in the future if you continue down this path.

When I order a product from a company that I have never done business with before, the first attribute I look for in their website and other work areas is professionalism. This is due to my mindset that a business is only at strong at its weakest link, think about the worst business you know and whether or not one person singlehandedly created that idea in your mind. Let me clarify, when you deal with a business you never directly come in contact with every member of the team. At best you sometimes get to meet a few different representatives from the company, similar to how we buy electronics at a mall. We will meet a salesman, a cashier, and possibly a manager somewhere down the line on a usual day, but that is strictly it. This means that if we have a bad experience with the first person we talk to, most likely the salesman, then we might just forget about buying what we needed and leave the store, on the premise that there is no reason to waste our time giving money to a company that doesn't even treat us with respect. This same rule absolutely applies to every business in every way that they communicate with their customers. The exact same way that a bad salesman can turn potential customers away, a bad promoter or advertisement can actually cause you to lose money. For that reason it is always best to approach any type of advertising with the quality over quantity mindset.

Quality Service with Social Media
As I mentioned before, there are only so many different ways to treat your customer but there are a few definite negative methods that should never be implemented. You should always focus on quality advertisement and communication over anything else. Bad public relations turns into a negative view against your company and in no time there will be groups bent on destroying every portion of the company. There is no point in time ever that creating a bad image for your business is acceptable. For this reason the advertising and different promotion campaigns should always be handled by the most respected and well-known worker that you can put it towards. Even more so is the idea that quantity will not always lead to success with a bad quality. Think about targeted traffic versus normal non-IP unique traffic. One is cheaper, and therefore you can get more hits on your website with one method, but on the other hand the more expensive method is very different and will have very different end results than the cheap and quick method. What I am trying to get across is that most of the time there will be a vastly different result when using different methods of promotion, but the most important part of this method is finding the correct one for your website. In different circumstances the non-IP unique traffic will offer a more effective and efficient campaign to a website, and yet the amount of traffic will be marginally higher due to the lower overall cost of this campaign. Some sites just need those rough hits to do the work, and do not have any desire to spend more money on more people that are unique and possibly from one of their needed regions. The answer to this problem comes in many ways but first and foremost, examine what kind of a website is being promoted, and then try to think about where the money comes into the business. If money is created by selling a product than the targeted traffic will help more than anything else, but if you are just trying to boost Alexa rankings, the higher traffic for a cheaper cost will offer a much better plan. Due to the often changing demographic needs of advertisers, it is always best to piece together a custom advertisement campaign for a website, instead of relying on the luck of the draw with non-IP unique traffic. Oddly enough, it seems that adsense revenue can work differently depending on different keywords, and different demographics that are getting pulled to the website through a search engine. Always take note of the changes in cash flow coming in from a website, especially in the first few weeks of a website's creation. In the end, social media can be a fantastic platform to inform and advertise your different campaigns and websites, but the truth is that if you cannot provide your users with a professional and enjoyable experience then you are better off not wasting there time at all.

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