Secret Twitter Methods for Online Success

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Secret Twitter Methods for Online Success


As many of you know, social media has become one of the best forms of keeping customers attached to a business. Whether you are using social networking to make sure your customers are happy, or just trying to give your company a more positive look in the social world, social media is always a positive way to enhance your business' outward look. Furthermore, these days it's not even just the teenagers and children who are on sites like Facebook or Twitter, it is real working adults and people who are prime consumers. You may be wondering why these people out of everyone else are the "perfect" consumers for your products, but it is very simple, people who are tech savvy enough to use Twitter or Facebook on a regular basis will be the same people who are spending money online. Think about this, if your parents aren't even smart enough to use a computer then how are they going to feel safe or even understand how to use a payment service over the internet to buy anything. It doesn't matter what field we are talking here, people need to be fluent with the normal ways of the internet to utilize it, therefore people on social networking sites are at least a step up above the normal crowd. Another great factor in using social media sites is that you can use them in specific ways to attract new customers and make many more sales. Today we will explore the unknown ways to use Twitter, so that you are making full use of your social media potential.

The Direct Mail Approach
Many different sites have popped up recently in hopes to grab some of the Twitter traffic, by offering them different twitter related services. Some websites put together a followback API that more or less gets you tons of followers at the expense of having many people you are following yourself. I would recommend staying away from these types of websites, because they only give out untargeted followers who are most likely not even interested in what you are selling. That's a good way of receiving negative comments, as people who are against your product will not want to be seeing your comments every couple of minutes. That's why we would recommend using sites to market yourself on Twitter the same way you would market a product. Our first approach is the Direct Mail method, which involves sending a message to all of your followers. People often forget that there are many different parts to Twitter other than the usual sending out a tweet and forgetting everything else. One of the greatest untapped sources of receiving consumers is in their message sending service. You have the ability to send a message, its more like a tweet sent to a specific person, which will be received with much greater understanding as the customer will feel you made a personal attempt at communicating with them. I most likely do not have to explain to you the various ways that this is helpful, as making a strong bond with a customer is what even the strongest business' these days often fight to achieve with little gained.

Make Your Profile with Amazing SEO
Twitter provides this often missed service where they basically set up a way for you to promote multiple links, a bio, and possibly a website on your profile page. Every single time someone comes to look at your tweets and even clicks on one of them on their feed, they are given this info. Most people like to put things like "loves dogs" or "read my blog here" which can work out for marginal reasons, but the real secret is using that info to make your website stand out among the rest. Now we know there is no substitute for targeted traffic increases, but it is always helpful to gain some amount of viewership through your Twitter account. The main way that people accomplish this is by putting specifically placed links into each profile block. For website you will of course put your main website where you convert your traffic into money, but the truth is, you may also do great if you link to a non-advertisement specific page. What I am trying to say is that you may actually gain a much larger benefit out of promoting a page about your website rather than your specific website. The reasoning behind this is that your customers aren't looking for a product, or a business to sell to them, they are looking for loyal and respectable people that can offer an end to a means. More clearly, people will pay hundreds of dollars over the lowest price if they can be assured that what they are getting is not only the best, but comes with the best service, and the best all around package. In the end it doesn't matter what your company have to offer if you are a terrible business who is known for putting yourself ahead of the customer, that's why a public image has an enormous impact on the life of a business. One of the most important parts of discovering a company through Twitter, and then being directed towards their own money-making site, is that if the person you sent wasn't in the mood to see your site but would have been a potential customer in the future, then you will have lost a potential sale. Remember these tips on how to use twitter and you may be on your way to great promotion and fantastic customer service rating from your new loyal userbase.

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