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Online Marketing Mindset


What is the difference between the average marketer and a professional? What makes Steve Jobs an innovating specialist who made millions and brought a whole new technological age into existence, while Bill Gates is significantly less remembered? Being able to manipulate and control the minds of the mass-market is something that comes with experience and charisma. Not only that, but having a great personality and looks has been scientifically proven to have a huge effect on job offers and income later in life. As odd as that may seem, if you start thinking about which people are stereotypically the ones who have an easy time in life due to characteristics that cannot be changed, you will begin to develop this idea for yourself.

Create a Strategy
What would you say the first step towards any assignment should be? Clearly creating a smart plan that will take into account any future needs and a finished goal that needs to be accomplished will be taken into account before embarking on almost any project. It just so happens that creating a solid strategy can be one of the most effective ways of setting your company onto the path of success. The same way that it is extremely hard to remember everything a teacher says in class, and we take notes to remember the info that normally would pass out of our short-term memories and never enter our long-term memory without lots of work, which ends up allowing us to work harder and accomplish more of our true potential. Making a strategy works on the same principals, at one time we may have great ideas but in order to always to remember then and make sure we do not forget what could have been a million dollar idea we put it somewhere and save it whether it is on a notepad or a napkin. Similarly, because you understand where you want to take your business on the first day, first week, or first year, after some amount of time you will undoubtedly forget your original intentions that can lead to huge problems down the road.

Elaborate on the Plan
Next up, after you have come up with a rough sketch on where you want to take your business in the next few years you need to expand on that idea and lead it into new ideas. What I am trying to say is that even with a website the ideas running the website are just at important as the cool new coding and background on the site. A functional site these days is 100 times as important as a beautiful but non-functional one, under any circumstances. The problem is that many people focus on the front end, getting customers, having a cool looking website, but completely disregard the functional characteristics. When I say functionality I am referring to the normal needed functions built into a website. When it comes to a website we can have something as simple as a one page with just plain text, no links, no fancy html, no pictures. Then again if that website is directed at creating a client base and selling a product it is missing some essential items. The first few that come to mind are a useable product description page, about us, contact, and of course the purchase portal. Another common problem is that after creating a super cool website with beautiful pictures, integrated promotional videos, and a sweet format people notice they have never even given a thought towards how they are going to turn the visitors into customers. Initially this was a problem which I encountered when designing my first website, the first version was essentially an info page with pretty pictures, entertaining but useless to the salesmen. It can be helpful to envision the different parts of your website, and the different people that add in their expertise and effort to make it work, as different job positions and needed communication tunnels to a customer. If you are essentially working for yourself at home, or working for someone else as a consultant then you have almost no one to answer to except once you deliver the final project. To the average man this would seem like a killer job, do the work, make money, and once it is finished cut ties with the project and move onto another. The real problem here is that the intricate needs in a website may not be present for a few months before they start causing problems. It is much easier to notice a mislabeled shipment or an incorrect price on an item in a store's advertisement, but when you are just pressing one button to change the entire outlook on the website multiple times a day the problem chance starts to increase rapidly.

Follow Through with the Method
Finally the end game when it comes to a website is making sure that you have correctly implemented all of the needed methods that were originally discussed. It's best to come and check out your original ideas that you should have saved somewhere and then come and see if you actually followed through with your ideas from three months ago, or any amount of time. Often you will realize that there are some smaller ideas you had which needed to be changed, this is always fine and is to be expected as websites are constantly changing due to the constant changes of the Internet. Just like peoples opinions change, fashion greatly changes every decade, and different generations come into power, websites need to be flexible to the constant fluctuations in the world just as much as the Internet. We have seen "Panda" and Google flip-flop websites from the top of the rankings to the bottom. Million-dollar sites have dropped off the face of the Internet just from one major scandal; websites get outdated and forgotten. So what can you do to save yourself from this unfortunate fate? We will never know, the skill that is needed to stay on top of the search rankings, the highest web hits, the most revenue, requires someone to follow the world's emotions and always be one step ahead of them, he needs to be a trend setter instead of a follower, in this instance the early bird truly gets the worm.

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