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One of the most daunting tasks to even think about for a novice to web design and creation is the beginning of it all. A novice is not afraid of the fight for control over a keyword, rather the problems that they will face within themselves. A novice will be afraid of their own self-created errors which may go unnoticed instead of the huge trek ahead, the amazing journey that one embarks upon when deciding to start up a website and continue with it for years to come. Everyone knows that popularity and content comes into play in a website more than anywhere else; there is no possibly real-world example of the competitiveness and constant enemies trying to take you out in the online world. Websites will be popping up every single day that have the same exact goal as you, even ones that have the same target market, maybe the same keywords will be willing to fight for your visitors the ones you have worked on gaining for years. So what can you do to stop your new competitors with a large budget from stealing all of your users right from your website on a figurative silver platter?

Defeating the scared emotions that come with starting a website with almost no experience can be the hardest feat. First tell yourself to calm down, people have done this before you, and people will continue to do it after you whether or not you fail. The most important phrase to remember is that your success only has a minor impact on the rest of the online world unless you create something completely unbelievable that makes a rip-tide effect and knocks the online marketing world into a new stage. It can be almost impossible to truly influence an environment this large but it is absolutely something possible with the money, time, and experience to take on this task. People have caused huge changes in the world by being the first of their kind to put their necks on the line, to put themselves into perceived danger just at the thought of making a difference for other people. Often these types of people are not doing it for a reward, not for a sense of pride, not even for the bettering of their life; selflessness carries a strong role in the online world also. We have seen sites like Wikipedia be brought up completely on user donations, and today it is one of the largest online resources for information. Regardless of anyone's opinion on the validity of the information for educational and business related matters, just what has been accomplished here is incredible in its simplest form. A not for profit website now employs members of its admins and its founder, creating a life for many people, running on tens of servers and getting millions of page hits a day. Just imagine what is possible by a new idea that you can come up with for a website, entering the industry is much easier than normally thought.

Another great tip for a beginner trying to become an online marketer is to figure out a niche that you will be learning and to stick with it. Normally the main ideas for niches fall into specific product related groups, like weight-loss or gaming. If I was going to start up a gaming store where we could sell xbox's, games, and online gift cards for subscription services I would focus all of my work on increasing my traffic for the gaming related keywords. Many novices falter when the idea of increasing traffic, or getting quality traffic comes into play, and many people have the incorrect idea that any amount of page hits will relate to revenue that is not true. Make sure that you understand that you are still dealing with real people on the other end of your business transaction in the online world, these are people that are most likely smarter than the normal person, the bargain hunter, the tech-savvy teen, and the parent looking to get a secret gift for the holidays. So for these reasons, make sure not to underestimate your potential customers who would not take kindly to any type of rudeness, non-professionalism, or even inflated prices in a store. People are no different in wanting the best service and best products available when dealing with a store whether it be brick and mortar, or a website, and people are often even more secretive with their identity and payment details due to the large black hat portion of the internet that seeks to get money through illegal terms.

Finally as a beginner to the online field, make sure to take the time to learn, read up on experienced work and try out some theories before jumping head in. Just like in any other business you will make problems, it is uncontrollable, but the real test will be how you deal with them. If you take the time to learn from your mistakes, then you will be able to use them in a positive and way to and actually rocket yourself forward and jump over future problems. On the other hand many people like to give up or just believe they cannot move forward after an error which is not true and important to keep in mind. Always make sure that you are following the above mentioned ideas, keep a positive mind, and believe in yourself because for as little as that seems to matter it always comes back into the equation later. Someday you will doubt your abilities, you will wonder if you are really able to beat the status quo and you will succeed when and only when you accept the truth that there is nothing that separates you from the next millionaire other than his strive to succeed. Putting in the time, effort, experience is a time tested way of succeeding in our business as it takes tons of different little niche ideas put together to really get a constant user base that comes back every day for new content, and yet, once you hit this level of a website that will make each and every day that you labored over the design and hard work you put into the website all worth it, every single one of your sleepless nights will come back into your mind at this point and you will realize it was all worth it.

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