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Effective Tweeting


Twitter is an important component of any online marketing strategy. It provides a unique way to interact with your customers and it can be an effective way to distribute your marketing message. The most effective Twitter marketing campaigns are built on well written tweets. With Twitter, you only have 140 characters to make an impact, including any links, so you need to make those characters count.

Keep the Length Down

Tweets are short by definition, with only 140 characters, but don't go all the way to the limit. Leave a few characters spare so people retweeting can add their own comments. Retweeters may want to introduce you to their followers to encourage their followers to click on your link. If you don't give them the space to do so then you'll lose a valuable marketing opportunity.

Use Keywords in Your Tweets

Twitter is indexed by search engines, and you need keywords to get indexed. Right now though, you're more likely to get hits from internal Twitter searches. Let searchers find you by including relevant keywords in your tweets. Use the keywords early so they are the first things to pop up in the search results. Sometimes the end of a tweet is cut off, so keywords placed towards the end of the search result aren't displayed. Write the keywords first, then the link.

Avoid Abbreviating

Don't abbreviate in your Tweets. People often scan through their Twitter feed and they won't bother stopping to figure out what an abbreviation means. Instead, figure out a way to write your message using the space you have available without confusing people by using an ambiguous abbreviation. You may need to re-word a blog post title or a webpage title, but don't ever abbreviate it.

Effective Summarization

When you post a link, create an accurate and entertaining description of the link to tweet along with it. Make the description engaging enough that people want to retweet it before they've clicked on the link. If the link is great too, then you have the formula for a viral Tweet which could be retweeted several times. These tweets gain you exposure, as well as potential new followers.

Reply Effectively

When you reply to someone else's tweet, include a meaningful comment as well. Things like "I agree," and "yeah," don't make great responses; if someone logs in a day or even a week later, they won't know what you're referring to. Instead, make sure you include something about what you're agreeing with or what you think was interesting. You're trying to make a connection, so make sure you get the attention you want from the folks you're talking to.

There are some rules to writing a great tweet, but the content and style vary from audience to audience. Measure your engagement through the number of retweets and the number of visits to your links, and adjust your writing style until it is as effective as it can be for your audience. Twitter can be a very effective marketing medium when used correctly and the better you can write your tweets, the more effective your Twitter campaign will be.

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