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When it comes to the Internet, your reputation is critical. You can use your blog, your website and your online presence to build your reputation and create a brand others will look to when they need expert advice and valuable information.

Focus on What You Do Best
When you start a blog, it can be tempting to blog about anything and everything under the sun, and that can be great if your blog is personal in nature. But if you are aiming to make money with your blog, it is best to focus on your area of expertise. If you are a financial expert, focus your blog on financial issues, and aim to provide valuable information to your visitors and readers every day.

The more valuable information you can provide, the more successful your blog will be, and the faster your brand and your reputation can grow. Becoming recognized as an expert in your field is one of the best ways to build your online identity and create a brand based on what you know and what you can provide.

Be an Active Participant in Your Blog
Your blogging experience is not done when you finish your latest post. The beauty of a blog is that it is intended and designed to be a two-way street. Soliciting comments from the readers of your blog is an important part of building your brand identity, so aim to be an active participant not only on the blog itself but on the discussion pages as well.

It is important that you respond to all the comments on your blog in a timely manner. Waiting a few days to respond to a comment is bad form, and it will make you, and your blog and your brand look bad. Try to engage your blog readers every single day, and use those comments to build your brand and your online identity.

Use Subtle Marketing Strategies
Your blog and your brand can be an excellent marketing tool, but your marketing should be subtle and not overt. Nothing will turn off your blog membership faster than using your site as nothing but one long commercial.

Instead of using your blog as a purely commercial vehicle, focus on making it a useful part of the online community you serve. Take a look at the problems others are experiencing, and use your blog to solve those problems for your readers.

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