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As you may have noticed there almost seems to be a skill or learned trait that comes when someone is marketing a product online. This ends up being extremely different from a product that is seen in a mall or a store where you can touch and feel and have a reaction to the product before buying it. Over time if you are putting in the effort to market your product you will pick up a skill or two just by checking out your competitors but if you follow some more in depth methods you may be able to actually jump ahead of them and start being the leader in your field. First, if you are wondering why you should invest the time in marketing your product the answer is that this the sole factor in making a sale, or not. There is nothing more important than closing the sale on a client and turning your page views into sales. People may assume that your name brand will start to speak for itself over time or that your company will build up a reputation for solid products after the word starts getting around, but you would be extremely surprised by just how hard it can be to market even one product.


Product Marketing


The Basics
Lets examine what we are trying to accomplish right from the basics. The end goal is to make money, and we do this by selling our product. There are a few more complex steps between the turning a customer into a sale over and over again, and before getting the sale, but essentially this is the idea. Now onto how we go about this, first examine just how you need to go about putting your product into the customer's hands. You need to make the customer want your product first of all, if the customer doesn't even know about your product then how could they ever go and pick it up? Therefore the marketing is the actual first piece of the puzzle, get your product all over the internet in the targeted sectors in which your potential clients will be buzzing. This means if you are trying to sell a music product or an instrument goes onto music forums, or different music related sites, as there will be no chance of you selling large amount of your products on a gaming related forum. This is why targeted traffic is always so important. I have reiterated this point many times, though this theory stands true that slow and steady or in this case a smaller amount of better targeted traffic, will always win the race in the end and make you a much happier seller.

Control the Market
The next most important feature when you are trying to market a product is having a competitive edge over your enemies. Lets take a look at Google rankings as a way to compare how important it is to be ahead of your competitors. In Google right around 90% of visitors will click on the first link, some of them will trail off into the next two of three following ones, but most will never take a look at anything other than the first link. As we have discussed many times before, there is almost no difference between a number one link and a number two link, as in the content on those pages could be indicative of their value, but in essence the Google ranking system doesn't really take that into account. Google of course tries to knock out all of the copycats and people breaking their rules but it cannot make a true formal decision on top-quality sites that have absolutely amazing content, only the people who visit these sites can actually decide as it is clearly just a personal opinion. So back to the idea of staying on top of your opponents, find a niche that you can excel in which they won't be able to reciprocate to you. More clearly, if you are competing with a very similar site try to look for something that isn't a normal item in a website, and put it in yours. The smallest, yet most memorable items that will make a customer come back to your site many times are the little things that make them happy. Even just adding a new way for your customers to contact you can create a completely changed environment that allows your customers to feel much more at home and more connected to you. If your competitor is not as user friendly, even if this is just because he has not had the time to incorporate this yet, he will immediately start to lose customers. These types of things are best to be thought of and decided upon once you have an already stable website and have the free time to expand on your platform. The hardest part is of course the beginning and creating a large amount of people to come see your website, but in the end the main things that matter to a customer will be the little issues, the little things that stick out to them as revolutionary and this will be the change-maker, this will be why your customers choose you over your competition, and this is how you will get more page views.

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