Five Ways to Make Your Business' Social Media Page a Success

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With today's consumer shopping online and researching businesses and products on their smartphones and tablets, your business' online presence is more important than ever. A social media site, such as a Facebook fan page or Twitter feed, can complement your business' website. Social media sites allow you to connect with consumers on a more personal level. Maximize the effectiveness of your social media site with five strategies.

Offer Specials

Increase business by offering discounts and specials exclusively for customers you have connected with through social media. If consumers interested in your product see that you are offering deals on your social media page, they will be more likely to like your page or follow you. In addition, they will recognize that you value them as customers and social media friends. You can include links to online sales before they go public, post printable coupons, or feature online discount codes.

Start a Conversation

Social media sites allow your business to interact directly with customers. Ask your followers questions to gain important insight into what they want. If you are managing the social media site for a small women's clothing boutique, ask your followers what designers they like or what runway looks have captured their attention. Their answers will guide your decisions in what items to sell. See the social media page as a simple way to conduct a focus group and gain important information about the desires of your target customers.

Publicize Events

Your social media site is easy to update, making it the ideal outlet for sharing information about your business. If your restaurant is hosting a wine tasting, create a Facebook event to invite your fans to attend. You can also post status updates as you approach the event to generate interest. In this way, your business' social media page serves as a free but effective advertising tool.

Hold Contests

Contests are another way to generate interest in your brand through social media. If your business sells products, challenge your followers to post pictures of them using your product. Offer a coupon or free item to the consumer who posts the best picture. You can also encourage consumers to post a review of your business on your social media page and draw a random post for a prize. These contests increase clicks on your social media page and remind followers of your brand.


Social media sites are also a smart way to network with other businesses. Connect with businesses in your town or businesses that relate to yours. Cross promote your business on those pages. For example, if you run the social media site for a manufacturer of children's clothes, you can post information about new products on the sites of retailers that sell your line. You can connect to potential customers by posting on different pages. This strategy can increase your social media followers.


Social media sites are free to use and can be highly effective when it comes to promoting your brand and increasing profits. Use different strategies to create an interesting social media site that consumers want to visit.

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