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One of the hardest parts of marketing a product or even just general maintenance on your website is the grind. I am referring to the boring and monotonous cycle that everyone has to go through just to complete some tasks. Even if you are your own boss and you can work from home the main problem that always has to be dealt with is completing the boring tasks that you could normally push off onto another person. Sometimes you will be able to delegate the workload onto your partner or someone who is working under you but in both ways you will be giving something up, essentially paying for the work to be done even if it seems like someone is just doing you a favor at the time. For these reasons I will always recommend doing the hard tasks yourself even though they can be time consuming and boring. Today I will explain some new methods to getting page views that should change up your daily cycle to the point of it seeming interesting again. Even though we will be accomplishing the same task, this way you may actually be tapping into some new sources of traffic and therefore your efforts may be met with even more of an accomplishment than before.

Market What You Have To Offer
People sometimes feel greedy or selfish when they try their hardest to market the one thing they are selling, themselves. People will try to be completely straightforward and possibly undersell themselves even if they are some of the best options in their market of work. The reason is that people in general are shy and would rather come off as being conceited than seem like a show off that cannot back his claims. This is beside the point though, as the main idea today is how to change up your online lifestyle with new methods of getting page views. The normal methods may be boring SEO and other types of online marketing, but many people forget all about the offline world. If you are able to market yourself in real life and your website this may yield higher results than anything else. There are two reasons why most people either forget of this option or are just straight up afraid of trying this. I can personally guarantee the validity and strength of these upcoming methods and they have been sufficiently proven over the course of many years. My first go-to method would be posters. There is no reason to start out big if you are afraid, and this way you can actually set up a "grass roots" campaign for your business. Make up some fliers and posters that are marketing your website towards average people. Remember not to make them pop-out too much or be too flashy as this is not the Internet anymore and annoying advertisements will just be shot down. Having a clear and concise plan of what your website has to offer to people is strong starting point. First take it slow and put together a marketing stand point. Think of your website and ask yourself a few quick questions. Do you have a strong logo than will be present on any and all advertisement. If you do not have a strong logo you should start off working on your website because it is clearly lacking if you cannot keep the readers attention. Not to mention the great brand advertisement and loyalty that will be developed when someone sees your product logo in the future and wonders where they saw it before, a logo is an extremely important part of a business and you should spend careful time on picking out the right one.

Expand Your Ideas
Once you have put together a solid piece of marketing and possible fliers and posters, go around to different popular areas like malls and you will start to notice just how many public places have bulletin boards for people that are freelancing and offering their services. Most of the time you will have to fight with these type of people for a good share of the space but if you are not competing over a certain corner of the board you should be fine. Now another thing to make sure of is that you leave contact info on your poster. Do not just link to your website and hope that people will jump at the idea of another person trying to market another good they don't need. Make sure that you are one step ahead of your competition and make a solid impact on the mind of your viewers by offering personal contact info. Even though most people will shy away at this idea, it still puts you out there as being confident and strong and people will take notice of this. The next big method to getting way more web traffic and page views without falling into the normal daily monotony is to actually find some leads for yourself and follow through with them in real life. If you have a service that people are looking for and are actually putting out ads for a needed profession that you can work in, then you are in great luck. This way you can call someone up and have a real conversation with them, giving them the piece of mind that they are working with a real person that has good intentions. Just this alone will give your buyer a potential step forward to treating you professionally and he will be willing to pay significantly more just due to the fact that you have talked to him in person. There is a significant reason that any important meetings these days in business are always conducted through a live meeting, even if it is over lunch or at the golf course, a true human interaction will give you a huge step up above your competition. The other great piece to this method is that you will be getting some fresh air, will love the new method, and will be making significantly more sales depending on how much you implement the method. Just due to the fact that you are targeting your potential clients means that you have targeted some of the strongest people in the business and this will lead to the best mixture of client interaction and potential sales, which now rely on your skill as a true marketer.

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