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Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have forever changed the way we interact with one another. Those social media sites have also changed the way companies interact with their customers and how those firms market their products and services. As a matter of fact, many companies who were early adopters of the Twitter model are already reaping the benefits in the form of increased sales and enhanced brand visibility.

Just consider some of the many advantages of setting up a Twitter account to market and promote your business.

  1. You can use Twitter to provide up to the minute information about what your company is doing, including current promotions and product demonstrations.
  2. Twitter can be used to reward your followers with product discounts, coupons and other special offers.
  3. Twitter will allow you to keep your followers informed on what is going on in your industry as a whole, as well as what is happening in your own business.
  4. Twitter provides a great venue for your employees to talk about what they are doing, both on and off the job. Many smart companies encourage their key employees to tweet about their business and leisure time activities, including charitable endeavors and hobbies.
  5. Twitter allows your company to create an instant community. You can use your Twitter accounts to organize instant events just for your followers. This can create a sense of community and help to spread the word about the great things your company has to offer.
  6. Twitter can allow your business to instantly communicate with millions of potential customers. Reaching new customers can be a big challenge in the world of business, but with Twitter you have access to a virtually unlimited number of potential buyers.
  7. Twitter news will spread around the world in a matter of business, giving your company a worldwide reach at virtually no cost.
  8. Twitter allows you to take a peek at what others are saying about your business, providing you with valuable insight into how your company is perceived in the wider world.
  9. Twitter can help your business build its online presence. Brand awareness is just as critical in the online world as it is in the brick and mortar world, and Twitter is the perfect venue for building that brand awareness.
  10. You can use Twitter to conduct customer surveys and solicit advice from current and would be customers alike. Soliciting the feedback of customers is an essential part of marketing, and Twitter provides the perfect venue for gathering and using that feedback.

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