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Page views these days are worth more than ever as the economy has taken a supposed turn for the worse. What I am trying to say is that when the economy gets bad, and this year it has had a very large global effect, people start to look into alternative methods of making money. For some, they may try going back to school to raise their skill set and education which they are hoping will lead to better jobs in the future after the job market raises, but most people will take the innovative route and try to fight for their own home start-up business which often times incorporates itself into a website. We have seen many people fight over the likes of a website or blog, or even a youtube channel these days, as page views even on a video can lead to money. As advertisers are learning of new ways to monetize different goods, the website owners are going to need to be ready to fight for the strongest hold in advertisement. What I am trying to say is that with all the new ways that Google even by itself has created a huge market for both the advertisers and the publishers, websites will need every single page view they can get to increase their revenue, as we can expect large increases in competition at the same time.

In the past I have attempted to dive into the huge sea of page views and online traffic, which usually ends in my thoughts that page views lead to money, due to the various factors that website, or online content creators of truly any kind are monetizing for themselves. It does seem surprising that an all-new way of monetization is coming out of something everyone thought of as a joke. When I say this I am referring to the huge impact that YouTube has had on the online world. People have now found ways of directly using YouTube in itself, to make their living online. If you have the charisma and power to conduct yourself in anyway which would lead to millions if not tens of millions of people wanting to subscribe your each and every single one of your videos, it turns out that now you could actually turn that into an extremely popular and profitable campaign. Contrary to popular belief it doesn't seem like a website is the only place that is in need of page views and targeted traffic anymore, as videos get more and more competitive due the large amounts of money that needs to be split up between advertisers, I believe that a new market for traffic, if not targeted, will be created solely on YouTube videos, this is contingent on whether or not people can find a way to expand on this and turn their investment back into an even larger profit.

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