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In any business or financial endeavor there will be time-periods when a product or idea is profitable and then it will tail-off due to saturation. Methods may be kept a secret for a short while, but at soon as two people hold the secret, you can expect it to get out to the rest of the world in a short while. When marketing a website in any sort of way you need to expect the worst, but hope for the best. There are a few different ways you can go about protecting your website from being burdened with the problems related to being too late to a new method. Let's examine the problems that can occur from being behind the curve and then some great new ways to stay in front of the crowd and you will be beating your competitors in no time!

Disadvantages of Being Behind the Curve
Any time when I refer to 'the curve' I am trying to get across the point that all methods have a life expectancy that is ever changing. There is the initial point of creating the idea, that one lucky person who comes up with the idea and then starts testing it out. We know that there can be very tedious periods of trial and error attached to implementing a new method but none of this hard work is in vain. If you are actually the creator of a method that is lucrative and effective, there will be almost no amount of pre-work and effort that needs to be put in, that won't be met with huge profits. Similarly, if you are one of the bystanders that is given the opportunity to implement a method before the rest, meaning the general majority, of the world is also behind on the idea, then you are in prime position to make due with it. There is an exponential increase of money that is generated over time. Essentially this turns into an inverse line, over time the methods all lose steam and become less and less profitable. At the end of the line people will package up the method and try to sell it or just jump ship onto another idea. These people are the pioneers, the ones that will lead the industry for years to come and make the majority of the money. Well you may be wondering just where exactly does web traffic come into play here. Basically these ideas all stem from the same exact web development and website design policies. People come up with a concept, utilize it to the best of their ability, and then give it to other people who branch out and ruin the idea. This way the original people are also given a way of cleaning their tracks if there ever was a problem between them and a possibly disliked form of monetization. At any stretch of the imagination you should always try and be at the head of the crowd, no matter what the circumstances are, it is undoubtedly more profitable and it can be made with less competition if you are the one leading everyone else.

How to Beat the Rest
After understand why exactly you need to lead everyone else and control their different reactions, you now need to find out how exactly this is possible. When it comes to websites there is one main, and only, way of effectively taking control of a situation. Imagine yourself coming upon a new idea, this one seems like a real money maker, this may be your one chance at becoming famous on the internet and getting together a fantastic website is all you need. You put in all of the work and effort that is needed to make the website, but now you are at a loss for how to implement such a great idea, you have the cool looking website but no traffic to make sure of a million dollar idea so to speak. This is where web traffic comes in and how it can directly affect you. For a fraction of the money and work that would be put in to run your own independent advertisement and other promotion campaigns, not to mention how any other promotion methods will take days if not weeks to start and see results, web traffic is the one consistent tactic you need. Just imagine being stuck in a situation where you have everything set up perfectly but no time left or money to initiate the process, this can be huge problem for small start-ups and business' that do not already have a strong system in place. The reason that many larger websites are able to take on ideas from other websites and effectively follow through on them better is because they will already have the foundation set up. They have the different web promotion methods build into the website, and are steadily flowing their own traffic on the website towards whatever link they desire. It can be truly amazing to see just how much influence a larger and more well-known website can have on what it chooses it's viewers to notice, or vice versa. People can be easily controlled in this manner, and as far as websites go, you should always try to be ahead of the average person and be the one leading them into your different methods and tactics at getting your website above the rest, learn to market your website by investing in web traffic and you will be succeeding in no time!

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