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If you're not receiving the daily AppSumo emails yet, then you may want to consider signing up for them, because they could really make your day. Dubbed as the site providing "Daily Deals for Web Geeks," AppSumo offers tons of great apps, action videos, books, and other products that help people and businesses become more Internet-savvy. Think of it as Groupon or LivingSocial, only instead of inexpensive meals and travel discounts, you will receive exclusive deals on products that can let you thrive in SEO, social media, marketing, web design, and more.

We examined the long list of deals that AppSumo has on its website and below are our top picks:

1. Link building action video ($49 instead of $99) – If you have a startup that's completely new to SEO, then this deal is for you. In this action video, Tom Critchlow (the SEO specialist behind and explains Search Engine Optimization in plain English. He provides an introduction to link-building as well as the dos and don'ts of the trade. What's great about this deal is that Crichlow actually demonstrates his strategies on screen, showing you exactly how to implement his techniques. If you want to learn SEO in a no frills way, then this deal is for you.

2. 3 mini-books about FB and Twitter marketing + Google Website Optimizer ($19 instead of $50) – If you're growing your online presence then you know that it’s crucial to be well-versed in Facebook and Twitter Marketing as well as Google Website Optimizer. This mini-book bundle gives you just that, without being too heavy on useless details. Each Ebook is only about 15 pages or less and gets straight to the point, saving you time and allowing you to get more work done.

3. Learn how to optimize your landing pages ($79 instead of $99) – Is the bounce rate of your landing page skyrocketing? This deal aims to change that. Zach Morrison of EliteSEM walks users through the ins and outs of creating landing pages that convert. Learn all about formatting, layout, copy, video, images, testing, as well as tracking, all in one 75-minute video. This deal also includes a downloadable MP3 version and PDF transcript. It's only available for a limited time, so if you think your landing pages need some work, be sure to get this deal while you can.

4. Leveraging LinkedIn ($99 instead of $149) – LinkedIn may not be as "hip" as Facebook and Twitter, but this professional social network has massive potential for B2B companies. If your company caters to other businesses, then LinkedIn is definitely worth your time. Not sure where to start? This deal will come to your aid. In Leveraging Linkedin, web-based business expert Lewis Howes will breakdown everything you need to know about driving traffic to your site using LinkedIn. This deal will teach you how to optimize your profile as well as let you in on the social network's "hidden traffic secret." Additionally, he'll show you the exact locations in LinkedIn that are most "clickable," so that you'll know where to put your website links.

5. WPtouch (FREE) – Got a WordPress site that's not optimized for mobile devices? Then take advantage of this free AppSumo deal. WPtouch automatically converts your WordPress blog into a mobile-friendly site, complete with Ajax-loading articles and effects—all without modifying the code of your regular site. Connect with your site visitors even when they're on the go, and provide them with a site that's fast and user-friendly. Don't worry though, should your visitors decide that they still prefer your site's regular format, WPtouch will allow them to switch back anytime.

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