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Secret Google Code


One very interesting topic that is often unheard of by many tech savvy people is the topic of secret Google search codes. Now an intelligent code master will of course have heard of these different ways to use Google, but I believe for the average person this will be some important information to have for the future. When I say secret codes I am specifically referring to codes that can utilize the normally straightforward Google search into much, much more. These codes have been around for a long time, possibly even available when Google came out originally but many people these days still do not understand how to use the search engine to its fullest.

First up we will start with some of the more common, yet still fun ones. These days you can actually just type the word 'weather' into the search bar followed by your choice of a city, and Google will give you a full forecast in the results page. As simple and easy as that it, I found it to be a great time saver if I am looking for the weather in a quick and timely manner. Another reason is that I am sick and tired of the advertisement covered pages of the independent weather websites. It is easy to understand a fair amount of advertisements on the websites, but in the end when we start to see multiple pop-ups and a page background to a completely unrelated website, it just gets to be tiring. For this reason I love to use Google as a cool feature, and at the same time I can sometimes impress my friends. If they see my computer screen as I am on Google and then after just a few quick keystrokes I know have the weather up, they are clearly amazed. In a similar fashion you can find out the time and sunrise or sunset times for a city just by typing in the same fashion of the object that you are finding and the city name. Google really has come up with some cool ways of implementing their different widgets and Google codes into the search bar. Personally my favorite part about the different search codes is that they are built directly into the system that I find myself using all the time. This way finding the time, weather, or whatever I am looking for is now completely convenient and doesn't take up an unnecessary amount of my time. Another great item that was recently built into Google was the sports score results function. Now all you have to do is type in your favorite basketball, baseball, or football team name into the search bar and it will automatically give you the latest's updates on their game right in front of you will an easy to read spreadsheet. For the sports lovers out there you will quickly grow to love this function as it can have many great uses.

Next up are some of the more complicated functions that are built into Google. Before the days of the personal calculator the Google function box always gave me a quick and easy way to find out a simple problem. Good news though, Google's new system can actually process pretty hard to understand equations and methods and will give you the answer you are looking for, so to speak. Even better, Google recently added in a search for a book function that lets people find info on a specific book or model number of a book. This way you don't actually have to go to a library to find out info on a book, or spend hours searching the listing just for a measly three lines of info. Finally we have gotten to my favorite function, the earthquake locator. As many people will now be thinking or wondering how sick of a mind I have to be behind to pick this as my favorite, it is just for the sheer awesomeness of the program. Essentially you just type earthquake and then your location into the search bar in the same way that you searched for weather in your area earlier, and then you are greeted with recent earthquakes in your area. Other search codes to note include unit conversions, public data offerings, and even people's profile searching.

Now onto the best of the codes, the ones that even an experienced coder may not have been enlightened with until recently. These upcoming codes are ways that all website owners should know and understand how to manipulate to gain knowledge from. All you have to do is use a few of these searches, and if you know how to utilize the info you get from them, you will be able to assess how strong the competition is in a specific niche and then how hard it will be to surpass them. The first code is just the allinurl: code, basically you type that into the search bar and then your specific keywords that you are searching for, or trying to rank for in a new domain and then google comes up with all of your main competing sites. Without a doubt these are now the websites that you should directly try to climb on top of, and if you can beat these you will be at the top of your Google fight. Other similar ones are the allintext or allintitle, or even the allinanchor, codes which provide you with the respective info. In the end this type of info is extremely hard to find out on your own, and many companies pay huge amounts of money for a pretty-looking version of this info. Thus you have figured out a great way to finding your competitors, and then figuring out info on them. The competitors that have all of your main keywords and are found in the top lists of all four of these searches will be your main competitors. Therefore, look for the competing websites that not only have the keyword in the url, but also the titles, and even the meta data. Eventually you will catch onto the different usages of this info and you will begin to realize just how amazing this service is, many web masters haven't even heard of these features so you should use them to the best of your ability to put yourself ahead of the competition.

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