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Customer Satisfaction


When asked about customer satisfaction, and to what lengths a company would go, many corporations are actually overextending their workers onto a point of losing money. Companies will fight for their online reputation as well as their offline reputation by always trying to please the customer. This ideal actually prompted the well-known phrase, "The customer is always right." Which is heard in almost every restaurant known to mankind and is abided due to the seemingly good advice. Unfortunately this advice can actually have a bad effect on companies, as well as websites. If you are spending tons of time on social media or replying to emails about customer satisfaction you may actually be wasting a significant amount of time that should be spent working. There is a clear and present danger associated with getting too caught up in your customers thoughts... think about it this way, at what point is making one customer very satisfied more important than making another sale? Maybe you are willing to lose one sale to this end, but two, or more sales that could have been completed, where will you draw the line?

What we are going to advise you to do today is not completely end your customer relations, as this would be terrible to your company in the long run, but rather look into the matter. As someone running a website you should always be aware of the time constraints on different matters and because of this you may actually get caught up in some lesser needed matters that can waste away your work time before you even notice it. There are a few great steps that you can take to assess the problem and then go ahead and attempt to fix it, this is assuming you even have a problem. Firstly take a look at the time you spend on your work and then compare that to your promotional campaigns and also your time spent interacting with customers. Similarly you can add in the time it takes to negotiate a deal with different customers here. Then try to see where you would expect yourself to be, this depends entirely on you and what your website needs, if you are more focused on getting your work done in a timely fashion then you very well may have been wasting some time with other unneeded tasks. There is always room for improvement on this stage and the best way of fixing your problems is to confront them head on.

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