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Next time you are evaluating the different analytics of your website try to take into account just how much your traffic is worth. This information is extremely valuable and can give you the insight you need to get your website growing faster than ever. The first step I would recommend looking into is your raw user data. For instance try to find out who is looking at your website. How many people visit your site every day, and how many of these people are return visits. Some of the most valuable traffic will come from your loyal viewers that come back every day or even every week. When someone shows that they enjoy a website enough to come back and visit it frequently they are expressing something great, it means that you truly have something to offer that no one else does better. No matter how small that little niche may be, this is a quality trait of any website that almost everyone is trying to find. Another interesting fact is how well your visitors, more specifically the loyal ones, interact with your website and promote it on a social networking basis.

If you look into the ways that larger authority websites build their network it is mainly by prompting people to send out links or status's about the website at hand. The only problem with this is that many people are sidetracked in promoting their website to the point that it becomes increasingly annoying for the end-user. You never want to hit the point where your website has ceased to be fun and enjoyable for a user and has turned into your own link farm that is dying out because you have ruined it with either self-advertising or just promotion begging. Promotion begging can fall into many different categories but the main one is just putting that long list of social networks which but your visitors just a click away from sending your website link to all of their friends. This is typically seen as an acceptable form of promotion as every website that wants to be promoted and grow need to buy into some form of advertisement. Though on the other hand of the spectrum anyone can relate to annoyed users that go onto a review or other type of content heavy website and are blocked out unless they 'connect with their Facebook' account. These types of sites are slowly beginning to realize that they have actually hurt their user-base in huge ways due to these terribly annoying promotional campaigns which cause visitors to slowly but surely hate the website. How much would you enjoy going on a website when you are looking for a specific answer and instead be prompted, before finding your content of all times, to start promoting this website for free to all of your friends when this site has done nothing but badger you into oblivion with its annoying requests. Altogether this should bring another interesting viewpoint into the constant fight that website owners have of being too gentle versus too harsh on their visitors.

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