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It is often said that the entire online world is a numbers game, everyone wants more web traffic than they can have, and anyone who has web traffic is going to down play the results. Everyone who has run or been in close contact with someone running a website will realize the factor and impact that these so-called numbers can have on a website. In fact people will spend hours of each day just trying to artificially inflate their own numbers to make it seem like a largely used website. This is unfortunately the wrong way of going about promoting your website but in the end there are different methods with varying degrees of success and the personal or emotional input that is a invested in every online test will have a huge impact on this too. The main things to look into when trying to control your page views, but of course increase them over time would be to attempt some new understandably easy methods that can be implemented right away.

Now the main aspect of these ideas that we were trying to manipulate was the user experience versus the amount of effort required to implement them. One common tactic at increasing page views while also allowing your website to been seen and loaded one more time is by using the listing boxes that are viewed on any popular news or media site. Websites these days will often throw together a mediocre list of the most popular anything, it can be cat or dog pictures to crazy new videos, but in the end they will separate every single one of the submissions onto different pages all built into a nice little html script. Essentially people will see this as a cool new way of viewing the pictures and individual writing that goes along with each yet the website will be turning that one pageview into as many as fifty more just because they had that one person start clicking around and loading all the different numbers. This can be an effective method but for anyone that has been present to these types of methods in the past there can be slight negative effects. Just like the way that people have being bombarded with social networking promotion being pushed on top of all the content, using slightly frowned upon methods of getting more page views can create a fine line between acceptable and annoying. It is definitely interesting to note that many hugely successful websites are implementing these strategies so we can definitely infer that they are either trying to increase profits or just plainly want to see how far they can push their website to gain money and viewers, neither of which imply any negative connotations.

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