Top 5 iPhone Apps for Managing Your Brand's Rep While on the Go

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iPhone tools for brand management


Managing your company's online reputation is a task that needs to be done even when you're out and about. Whether you're a business owner attending meetings all over the country, or an Internet marketer heading to an out of town conference, there's no excuse for ignoring comments and mentions about your brand.

Thankfully, your smartphone can effectively keep you on top of your brand monitoring duties. Check out these 5 iPhone apps that ensure that you don't miss another tweet, post, or comment about your company.

1. Boxcar – This nifty app sends you push notifications whenever your brand or keyword receives a mention across various social networks and websites. Boxcar supports Twitter, Facebook, Email, RSS Feeds, Growl, Github, Google Voice, and Google Buzz. Perhaps the most convenient feature of Boxcar is that it provides a central inbox for all your notifications, making it easy to respond to comments, mentions, and messages. As one user puts it, with this app, you "no longer have an excuse for not replying to mentions."

Price: FREE

2. SEO Search Ranking – Now that you've already got your social mentions taken care of by Boxcar, it's time to focus on your search engine rankings. As its name clearly indicates, SEO Search Ranking is all about monitoring how your site is doing in search engine result pages. It conveniently color codes your site's SERP data (green for improved ranking, red for decreased, and grey for unchanged) making it easy to check your rakings at a glance. This app also lets you keep track of unlimited keywords, websites, and country-specific search results. Additionally, it updates your rankings even when it's not actively running, so you can be sure that the results that it provides are always in real time.

PRICE: $2.99

3. Analytics App – If you're using Google Analytics for your website, then this (kind of pricey) app can keep you up-to-date on website's stats. Analytics App gives you the lowdown on your site's visits, unique visitors, page views, time on site, and bounce rates. Have multiple domains? It supports multiple websites and accounts, allowing users to keep tabs on several sites all from one place. If you have an eCommerce site, then you'll greatly benefit from the products dashboard that shows how much revenue you earned from each of your items.

PRICE: $6.99

4. Ego – Need EVEN MORE statistics for additional social media accounts? Ego is an affordable app that lets you do just that. For just under 2 bucks, you'll be able to track your Feedburner, Mint, Twitter, Tumblr, and Vimeo accounts. Check how many followers, readers, and subscribers you have all from one interface. It also pulls data from Google analytics to give you the latest data on your site's visitors. Ego's site analytics dashboard may not be as detailed as the previously mentioned Analytics App, but if you're simply looking for a quick overview of your website's visits, then this app should do the trick.

PRICE: $1.99

5. Soocial – Need to keep all your followers, customers, and vendors in check? Sign up with and manage all your contacts in one place. The service synchs your iPhone address book with your Mac, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and Windows accounts to ensure that you can find all your contacts quickly and easily using your phone or computer. It also serves as great backup tool in case something happens to your gadgets, so that you won't have to go through the nightmare of rebuilding your contact lists.

PRICE: App is free, has membership fees.

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