Visually Appealing Design vs. Outdated Look

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visually appealing vs outdated design


Credibility is one of those words that are not thrown around lightly in the online scene. People want to have someone they trust holding their money, someone they can put their good faith in that they will be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. Unfortunately as opposed to the normal world, when building a website it can get to be very hard to give yourself a perceived credibility, and make people even accept what you are trying to sell them if they are put off by an outdated website or one that reeks of a scam. No matter what the truth is, if a website owner cannot put together a smooth looking website than people will put them off as much lower quality of a business person and this can lead to some very unpleasant ends for you.

Picking out the design to a website may be a large task that should only be dedicated to an owner or a designer of a specific website, but you should always remember just how big of a deal this can be and just how much of an impact these types of decisions have on potential customers, people viewing your website, and how your competitors react towards you. Coming off as a joke of a website that cannot handle itself will do two primary things, make your competitors underestimate you if you are actually a quality service, and make your clients underestimate you. This can lead to people trying to undersell you and asking for much lower prices than you have designated. Basically these factors that come out of having an outdated or bad website are all negative and do not help you in any proactive way unless you are trying to sneak up and surprise everyone by making them get used to a bad website and then pulling the wool over their eyes when you unveil the awesome new website. In the end, you should always try to keep up with the latest standards for web design and it is not extremely hard if you do not fall too far behind. Even if you do not have a ton of coding experience, over time if you are singlehandedly running your website you will start to pick up some different experiences and skills that would never have crossed your mind if you hadn't just picked them up. The main skill that will come over time is the web design trade; you will eventually become an amazing coder, and be able to throw together a beautiful and functional website in a matter of days. This can help you out tremendously in monetary terms, as you will not have to pay for a dedicated web designer for your website, and this could also prove to be a significant source of income if you are searching for ways to monetize your talents. Always remember just how important a strong looking website can be towards your sales.

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