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Boost Blog Traffic


Nothing is more frustrating than putting considerable effort into designing a blog, and additional effort into writing posts for the blog, for only a small trickle of traffic to ever see your efforts. Driving high amounts of traffic to your blog can offer a variety of benefits. If you are selling a good or service that is associated with the blog, you can see an increase in sales as a direct result. Your goal may just be to spread certain ideas and connect with like-minded individuals, which high amounts of traffic can help you attain.

Capturing high levels of traffic on your blog primarily requires hard work. Another requirement is patience, since blog traffic can take some time to build. That being said, there are five things you can start doing right now, that will help increase your blog’s traffic in the near future.

1. Link appropriately. Your blog posts should not just always contain plain text, but they should also have links to other websites. These links should add something to your blog, directing readers to other websites that contain more information about a subject you bring up briefly. Also, beware what websites you link your blog to. Linking to websites that are not authoritative can actually make your blog look bad, while linking to legitimate websites helps improve your blog's image. If enough of your readers click on a link to another web page, the administrator of that page might gain interest in your blog, adding to your popularity.

2. Tag your posts. Blog platforms such as Wordpress or Blogger allow you to attach tags to each post. These tags are general subject areas a post is related to. Search engines use tags to filter what websites they display in search results, making it more likely your blog will end up toward the top of search results. Tags also help visitors to your blog who are looking for information on specific subjects find useful information easier.

3. Jump in the conversation. Instead of just crafting posts for your blog, and then sitting back and waiting for others to comment on what you have said, actively seek out similar blogs and leave comments. As you converse with people who own or frequent other blogs, they will become interested in your blog and begin visiting it. The comments you leave on other blogs need to relate to the posts, and should not just be advertising for your blog, or you might find yourself banned from the other blogs.

4. Become an authority. No matter if you are blogging about the mating habits of monarch butterflies or your favorite car company, you need to establish yourself as an expert in the field. This means your blog posts should offer unique or different information than other blogs or web pages. Find a niche within the subject your blog covers, and become an expert in that niche. Constantly talk in detail about the niche, and you will find those who are seeking information on that niche will start to view your blog as an indispensable resource.

5. Use guest bloggers. Guest bloggers are other bloggers or even experts in the subject matter of your blog, whom you invite to write posts for your blog. You might use a guest blogger once, or invite them to contribute a post once a week, month or year. A guest blogger brings visitors to your blog who might not have even known your blog existed, especially if the guest has a large and faithful following.

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