Online Video Ads Have a 50% Higher Recall Rate Compared to TV Commercials

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Online advertising has demonstrated time and time again that it is more effective than traditional advertising. Web page banners have proved to be more interactive than print ads, email marketing has been trumping direct mail for years, and publishers have learned that they can get their messages across their target audience faster and more efficiently when they do it using the Internet, as compared to old fashioned means.

Online Video vs. TV Commercials

Online video ads are no different. In a recent study, Google teamed up with Ipsos OTX MediaCT to determine the effects of online video advertisements compared to traditional TV ads. Their research involved three sets of participants who were asked to view ads in their own homes. The first group saw only TV ads, a second group viewed only online video ads, while a third group of participants was tasked to view both online ads and TV commercials.

1–2 days after watching, the participants were given surveys about what they saw. The results? Their findings showed that for 15-second ads, the second group of participants that viewed online ads had a recall rate that's 1.5 times higher than the group that only viewed TV commercials, indicating that online video advertisements drove a recall rate that's 50% higher than TV ads.

On the other hand, the third group of participants, (the ones that viewed ads on both media) had an average recall rate two times a high as those who only viewed TV ads.

The researchers saw a similar pattern for 30 second ads. The study indicated that participants who viewed both online video ads and TV commercials had an average recall rate 1.5 times a much as those who saw only TV ads. People clearly remember a brand more if they see it both online and on TV.

Indeed, the study's results show that online video ads fared better than traditional TV commercials. However, this doesn't mean that advertisers should totally disregard television. It looks like using a combination of online video and TV yielded the best results. If your budget allows it, consider running both TV advertisements and online video ads to get maximum exposure for your brand, and receive a higher recall rate from your target audience.

Beyond Video
Of course, this "combination method" can also be applied to other media. Getting your message across various channels (i.e. print, search, video, and social) is still the best way to get your brand to stick. Do not limit yourself to only one method of advertising or marketing. Instead, always be on your toes and be ready to mix and match your campaigns.

Keep It Short
Need another tip to make a lasting impression on your audience? Three words: do it quickly.

People are getting increasingly busy nowadays, and advertisers only have a limited time to catch their attention. If you're running an ad, whether online or on television, be sure to keep it under 30 or even below 15 seconds. Producing an introduction video for your company? Don't let it exceed two minutes.

The same goes for banner ads or print advertising. In order to get consumers to remember your brand, keep the text brief and uncomplicated. Save those eloquent paragraphs for your blogs or press releases.

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