Targeted Traffic: The Underground Railroad

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The often forgotten part of online website promotion can be found through a bit of hard work and relentless effort. There are some amazing different ways to promote your website that are slightly ‘off the beaten path’ and yet they sometimes yield the best results. It can be really amazing to check out these methods because they will sometimes surprise you with just how different and unusual they are while still being highly effective and possibly helping you out even more in the long run.

Where to Look
People will often assume that the best traffic will always come from some source. Sometimes this unknown source that supposedly provides amazingly accurate traffic is named as the search engines and other times there are even other more odd situations. People have started that advertising and different methods to getting page views will lead to the best click through ratios and the all around benefit that comes with a better promotional campaign. It all comes down to how persistent you are and how willing you are going to be in getting the traffic for your website. We have gone over the different stereotypes and common misconceptions that people hold with targeted ads and getting that targeted traffic from them but in the end there are a ton of different ways that you affect the outcome. The effort you personally put in can be seen by many different people and will affect you from getting more visitors all the way to keeping those visitors for another day. It could be argued that keeping the visitors as a reoccurring person is a much more valuable outcome that almost anything else. There is always room to get more people that want to view your website for whatever reason and unless you are providing no original content or nothing useful than over time you should be expecting to build up a personal user base of people that come to your website for whatever reason you are marketing. You should always make sure to offer something to your viewers that are different from the mass market. Many people will be looking for something unique and someone that you provide which they cannot get anywhere else, and once you have achieved this you will have won half of the battle.

It can be Tough
Now the next step towards keeping your website viewers can rely on a lot of different factors. The main one that will keep popping up if you are truly involved with promoting your website through targeted traffic is that your followers will show up and many new people. In a worse case scenario you will be getting almost no reoccurring visitors that check back in through a direct link which would signify two different things. The first thing that it would demonstrate is that you are lacking quality content. On the other hand there could also be the possibility that you are just not providing your content on an acceptable level. In other words maybe you are just not creating a perfect atmosphere to enable your readers an optimal layout. The layout of a website can have a huge effect on its viewers and the statistics on how a user will react towards a few different layouts which are all displaying the same or very similar testing content is amazing. There are clear and present problems that come inherently with using a bad or in other words free template. For some people the free and simple layout can work wonders even though it would seem to be the worst idea at the time so this is just to say that there is always some possibility that the opposite of what we reiterate actually applies. For instance, sometimes people are against the high quality work that is put into a normal website where some people criticize the layout as being extremely boring and easy to navigate. It definitely seems counter productive to be against the advancement of a template and making a website stand out as something revolutionary and strong but there will always be people playing the odds and trying to do the exact opposite of what you have decided and yet they will always be after the same exact rewards. When examining the different ways that websites react to the changes in scenery can be quite fascinating. In the previous discussion on a change of template for a website that has solid content but a terrible user experience due to a bad template we originally discussed the changing of templates to something that is entirely more enjoyable. This is almost always a good idea and it can be extremely profitable to actually invest some money into a custom or very high-class template. The difference between a low-class and boring template that you can download for free almost anywhere also takes into account some SEO and other lesser known tricks. It seems to be much more common these days for people to hang onto a very boring template in the hopes of slowly building up the website before any real visitors come but the truth is that even after finding a website one time and ending up either liking it or hating it, people then create this visual history in their minds of what quality the site was and the name so that people will now remember what they had experienced so if they have to search for a similar phrase in the future they will either choose to come back here if they enjoyed the link or they will remember their experience in their head and subconsciously shut down that train of thought and you may actually lose potential visitors in this way, something that should never happen.

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