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Pinspire - A Pinterest alternative


Last week, we told you about Pinterest, a hot new social media site that allows you to create virtual pin boards of interesting images that you find online. It really is a great bookmarking service that can get users to find and share great and inspiring things on the web. The only thing that doesn't sit well with users it that Pinterest is currently an invite only community. You either have to be invited by someone who's already a member, or request an invitation from the site, a process that can take a while.

If you're tired of waiting for that Pinterest invite, then consider signing up for other similar services that are just as good. A prime example of such a service is Pinspire, a Pinterest-like website that can get you pinning in no time.

Pinspire's sign-up process takes a breeze, as you'll only need a few seconds to enter your name, country, and email, together with a password. Once you sign up, you'll be asked to select categories that interest you. Pinspire offers several topics and categories, ranging from art, to technology, to food, and even men's fashion. If you have a business, then you should obviously select the category that your company belongs to, but don't forget to select other topics as well; think about the things that your target audience might be interested in, and select those.

After choosing your categories, you can start following other people on the site. At this step, Pinspire already pre-populates your follower list with other users, based on the categories that you selected, but feel free to follow others on your own. The process of following a user doesn't require an approval, and like Twitter, it doesn't have to be mutual either. You can follow users that aren't following you back, and vice versa.

Once you're done following users, Pinspire allows you to create "collections." Collections make it easier for you to segregate your bookmarked images. This feature is very useful for people who are looking for various types of things. A bride who is planning her wedding for instance, can create a collection for each aspect of the wedding. She can have one collection for bridal gowns, another collection for flowers, and so on.

Finished setting up those collections? Now it's time to fill them up. You can bookmark things on Pinspire by hitting the Pin button on images that you like. Clicking this button will bring up a window where you'll have to select a collection to put it in; you'll also need to add a short comment about the image, for your reference.

Alternatively, you can also Pin images straight from other websites. Pinspire has a bookmarklet that you simply have to drag and drop into your browser's bookmarks bar, and you're good to go. Similar, to the bookmark tool of Delicious, clicking the Pin it button will save images you find on the web into your Pinspire account.

Indeed, Pinspire is a website that's extremely similar to Pinterest, and it makes for a good alternative, especially for those who can't get into the walled garden of Pinterest just yet. However, even if you're already a member of other image bookmarking services, it wouldn't hurt to try out social sites like Pinspire to pin your images and make conversation with other users. Think of it as casting your net to a wider (but relevant) audience—the more targeted people you reach, the better chances that they'll result into conversions.

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