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The next study that we will discuss today are some of the common misconceptions of targeted traffic, including the different ways that it will affect your website, and other things like how web traffic works to increase your SEO and in the long term. Web traffic works with itself in a rather exponential way which is to say that after some time of promoting your website through conventional means and then increasing your viewership with targeted web traffic you should see a steady gain in the amount of organic traffic you get as people who are interested in what you have to offer will start coming to your website to get more info or more of the same content that you promise.

  • The first example that we will explore is the idea that all traffic is roughly the same. People think that web traffic is all about the numbers and increasing your website stats but in reality this is very far from the truth, you need to realize that people are viewing your website, real people that will promote your website using the strongest form of promotion: word of mouth, if you are giving out quality content that surprises your viewers. The most important thing to focus on is the content in your website, without it you are nothing and the content is truly the only thing that people want to get when they go to a website. You may think that the flashy html scripts or the cool background is what makes people amazed at your work but in reality that just is the icing on the cake, people need what you provide or else they wouldn't come to your website, you are in a very powerful position when it comes to promoting your website because along with your targeted web traffic you are able to send your website miles ahead of your competition with just the click of a button. Everyone will have a different breaking point but there is always some correct amount of quality traffic that will offer your website the best benefit, find that and you will succeed beyond belief.
  • Another common misconception is the idea that traffic develops far faster than in reality. People will often expect the search engines and their small amount of initial visitors to promote their site to the point of it becoming a million dollar franchise, but in reality this only happens a few times if ever, due to the very low chances of this its almost like winning the lottery and there are some hard to come by prerequisites in order to even be able to get this type of promotion. The main problem behind this is that even if people like what you are doing more than your competitors this means that you were still not the first person to come up with your niche. Everyone comes up with an idea, whether that is original or you are just building upon someone else's idea is the real problem here, and often people expect their slightly revised version of a popular website to catch on. Here's the main problem with that, people get attached to certain designs and certain websites for that matter and then don't like change because their brain assumes a different look will mean a worse outcome. For this reason, traffic can be very hard to come by if you are just trying to revise a current idea, try to be original if you want to get that initial free traffic boost.
  • The final web traffic idea that is false and yet still a common thought is that search engines provide more than enough traffic for the average website. There are definitely some minor examples of this and you will find that local based websites for a brick and mortar store that is just trying to open its reach to a slightly wider range will work fine through a search engine as they have absolutely no use for any traffic outside of their small area but this doesn't happen often. Today we are really trying to examine the websites that are looking to go global and take over the web, the kind of websites that have massive building potential and entire careers can be built around, think Facebook. Starting out as some typical college student's part time hobby it was a joke site, then after some minor developing it blasted into outer space and became one of the most visited websites in the entire world. Going from this tiny of a website to something so global is actually very common, in fact it is so common that anytime you have seen an amazing website that gets millions of page views every day it will have started just as small as any website. The difference you will find is in the quality of content and how far reaching the website is. A typical social media website is amazing for promotion as it based around the idea of promoting the website to all of your friends to get them to join and so on, people love to do this and the website can make quick work of all the added traffic. These types of websites are very smartly designed in the way that they control their traffic and force an ever-increasing amount of people to join and then try to raise their stats in a never-ending race. People fall for these type of websites all the time and the one thing that keeps them coming back is that there is definitely some true value to the websites. Facebook for example as we mentioned before is an awesome website to go on to waste some time and maybe talk to your friends, everyone loves connecting and communicating with their friends so this really plays on a common human factor. Keep this in mind and you will be on your way to effectively using web traffic and boosting your website to heights you never thought possible.

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