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Making the main keywords of a website stick out in content is some of the hardest and most desired work that needs to be done. Websites essentially need a way to get their content indexed and ranked well, because almost every site can use organic traffic and Google as a search engine does a great job of providing tons of this traffic. Even though you may lose some of your potential traffic to your competitor and at the same time Google may be marketing your website as a way to make money, as in they are selling adsense keywords one your main website's keywords so technically they will be sending some of your traffic to anyone who is paying for it, but in the end like all business decisions a compromise needs to be made. The smart choice in this matter is always to choose to take Google's side and deal with the small downsides they represent, while taking the positive side to Google, all of the traffic that is perfectly or almost perfectly targeted towards your niche.

There are two different main ways that you can make sure your content has the proper SEO built into it's design. First and foremost comes the written dialogue or copy that is seen by your website visitors. The main idea to focus on here is original content, if you have anything that is remotely taken or extremely similar to another website then Google will treat you no different than a copycat and you will be treated very poorly by the search engine. Similar to how the copy videos on YouTube always get significantly less views than the original, no matter what tricks they use for promotion, the person who tries to take the easy way out in this manner will always fail. There is no shortcut to greatness in the online world and you need to put in the time and effort, or money, to make sure that you have viable and original content. This was even if you are not the most experienced in content creation you will still have a solid footing when it comes to Google and being ranked in the system. The next important decision to make when it comes to getting your content SEO ready is that you have included a designated amount of your main keywords. Even though this is a slightly over-simplified version of what could be a guide towards SEO'ing content, these theories have been proven effective, and just by making sure that you are including your keywords in a readable and understandable manner will put you light-years ahead of the people that believe Google is operated by robots that follow a specific algorithm and never deviate from the one system. In fact, Google may be an extremely complex system that relies on many different algorithms to rank a website, but there are definitely anomalies and we have seen large changes made over the past years that have shaken up the website rankings for better or worse.

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