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It's a well-known fact of life that human beings, no matter how old, can always learn something new. Whether you're a startup founder who's new to the industry, or seasoned entrepreneur with an establish business, there's always room to expand your knowledge and master new skills. This is especially true for people with online businesses, because of the dynamic and rapidly-changing nature of the web. New websites and services are always emerging, and business owners who want to stay relevant, need to keep up.

Thankfully, there isn't a shortage of knowledge on the web. There are tons of news sites and blogs out there that can effectively keep users up to date, and companies are always offering whitepapers and webinars for users who wish to learn more about a certain topic. However, those who want wider and more in-depth discussions, opt for online courses instead.

Schooling for Entrepreneurs
Enter Founded by entrepreneur Andrew Warner, Mixergy is a website that offers various online courses for business owners who want to make it in the tech and online world. In these courses, Warner interviews successful entrepreneurs, and allows them to talk about how they did it. Mixergy has featured a lot of prominent individuals, such as Andrew Mason of Groupon, Jessica Livingston of Y Combinator, and Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, so you can bet that you'll be learning tips and strategies from some of the best founders and CEOs out there. Mixergy offers interviews from over 600 founders, so you could even discover new companies and services that you can use.

From Social Media Marketing, to SEO, to lead generation and more, the courses in Mixergy cover a wide range of topics that could be extremely handy for a lot of online businesses. Additionally, these courses can be viewed online or downloaded in video and mp3 format, making them easy to save and transfer to various devices. Don't want "school" to interact with your work day? Simply grab the audio version of a course and listen to it on the way to the office or whenever you get some downtime.

Beyond Teaching Tactics and Strategies
Aside from tips and how-tos, users will also be able to hear about the stories behind each venture. Hear about the successes and failures of founders and how they managed to be where they are today. This is very useful, especially for business owners looking for inspiration. Learning about the ups and downs of successful individuals is a great motivator for people who feel that they can't make it in the biz.

How It Works
Mixergy showcases each course by showing users a free sample (i.e. the first few chapters) that will more or less give them an idea if the course is right for them or not. Each sample is helpful on its own and should already have advice to get users started.

To access the entire course, users would need to sign up for a Mixergy membership. The site offers three membership packages: For $25 a month, you'll get access to all Mixery courses and interviews, and you're free to download or watch them online. Alternatively, you can get the same perks for $65 (10% off original price) a quarter or opt for a yearly membership of $199 (33% off regular price).

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