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With more and more top-level domains (TLDs) becoming available every few years, many webmasters and business owners find themselves wondering whether it's worth registering a new web address. Consider the following common TLDs when it comes to registering your domain name.



.com Domains

While a lot of people still believe that the .com TLD is the only one worth having, this is not necessarily the case. In fact, many businesses do just fine, if not better, by using something other than the .com extension. Consider how most people will end up visiting your site. If people are likely to type the address into their web browsers, then you should always register a .com address, although there's nothing stopping you from registering multiple addresses with different TLDs which all direct to your main site.

.org and .net Domains

These two domains are as old as .com itself, and they are the most popular after the predominant .com TLD. Although they were originally intended for non-profit organizations and Internet-related companies respectively, registration remains open to anyone. There are no restrictions or regulations on who can use these domain names, regardless of the content or purpose of the site. They can be a little more expensive to register, however. If you find that the address you want has already been registered as a .com address, you may want to consider the .org or .net TLD instead.

Country Code TLDs

Almost every country and territory in the world has a top level domain of its own, such as for the United Kingdom or .ca for Canada. Even the United States has one (.us), although it's rarely used. Most country code TLDs are only available for businesses and sites based in that country. If your website promotes a local business or provides information which is primarily relevant to a national audience, then using your country code TLD is often preferable, since it immediately tells visitors that you are a local business.

There are some country codes which are available for registration to anyone. These TLDs belong to very small countries and territories whose governments have made them available to the international community. For example, the TLD for the Pacific island nation of Micronesia (.fm) is available for anyone to register. Many online radio stations and music-related sites such as "" use this extension. Likewise, .tv (the TLD for Tuvalu) is often used for television stations and online video sites.

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