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One of the strongest ways that traffic can be targeted towards a specific group of people is location. Think about it, what makes people come into a store at any mall or go to any dining location; it's all about where the store is located. People will only go so far for a certain level of quality and then they will grow attached to what they enjoy and grow apart from what they don't like. This is definitely to be expected but it works in an extremely similar way in the online world, people will get attached to what they can find that provides them with what they need. There is not a huge need for flashy pages and updated scripts rather than just solid content that is provided at an affordable and easy to use rate. People don’t want the premium things that make them jump through hoops to reach so anyone who can create a following for their product will definitely go far. The way that this can be found in the online world is that search engines will lead to what the most specifically targeted website wins in the race, having nothing to do with online reputation or past sales. Maybe in the future we will see this added to Google’s vast search engines but the truth is that reputation has very little to do with the actual websites in the online world when people mostly focus on the actual service or product something that has caused lots of problems for people once they realize that there is a definite difference between some website owners and others. You can very easily use this info to your advantage and target your perfect group of followers through location based targeted traffic.

The Location
Are you a local based website that is trying to grow your services to a much wider range while still staying in relatively small grounds. Often a service that has a strong following inside of their main city will do a great job there but will have a hard time growing into the next few cities over due to the hard people factor in which people won’t really talk about your service between cities as it will having decreasing relevance. Often website owners will design a website that is specifically targeting a certain area and the website search engine optimization will actually be faced with a tough question. Should someone in this position go for the main keyword or a moderate balance between that and the location that you are targeting. Here is where it gets tricky, with search engine optimization you will have to put in double the effort to rank double the keywords and therefore for a local website you will actually be putting yourself at even more of a disadvantage if you are trying to SEO your website but don’t have the expertise to do it yourself. Think about it this way, you know that you need to provide your service to two different locations but you need to put in double the effort and double the time to get the same accomplished in twice as many areas. For this example you have one other apparent option, just get the people sent to you and then over time your following in both cities will grow from the people that are commenting on your service. That is the large difference between SEO and sending web traffic to your website, essentially you are either trying to get a path to your website set up for the long term or you are just bypassing that and actually getting the potential clients sent right to your door. This balance is controlled completely by you but the choice you make will have long standing consequences either way. You need to weigh your options and then act upon them.

Choosing what you Need
As we just explained you need to choose between a long term indirect solution or the short to long term direct solution to a problem, it turns out to be pretty simple when you look at the question this way. Web traffic is the end goal in almost any respect even when you are trying to SEO your website you are just trying to increase the web traffic that you get but it happens to be in a different fashion than that of the actual web traffic getting pushed towards your website. There are some pros and cons to both and for different websites the outcome will differ but you really need to weigh your own personal website and then figure out what works for you so that you can profit to the highest extent of what is available to you. Do you need traffic right now to get your numbers up and possibly your profit or do you just want less effort down the road with really nothing promised unless you are able to keep up the SEO. It turns out that going with the search engine optimization route you are just shifting your effort into a new category and basically just putting yourself into the position to have to spend your time on something as trivial as the actual SEO of your website rather than the content and this can turn out to be a fatal flaw for some website owners. Think about this, what you are proving to your viewers the people that matter the most in any respect is the content. You aren’t providing your means to getting more visitors as that would be highly counter-productive but rather you are trying to get people to view your content and then get attached to the point of wanting to come back on their own. Using the location based targeted traffic resources of a web traffic provider really proves to be more effective in this circumstance and when you based your decisions which end up controlling your website’s future you should understand exactly how your actions will turn out in the long run and which way will turn out to be more profitable to you and your website.

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