Blogging About Blogging is Ruining the Blogosphere for Everyone

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Has blogging lost its soul and become just another medium tarnished by blatant commercialism? Looking at the growing mass of pro-blogs that dominate the blogosphere, it is easy to conclude that yes, blogging has utterly sold out. Too many people are blogging just to make money. The mass of poor quality, sales-driven content they generate is reaching critical mass. Soon the backlash will begin!

When blogging started it was an amateur affair. People wrote about what interested them without any intention of making money. Some used blogging to draw attention to their existing businesses. Then, bloggers started to realize that they could use blogs to make money directly. A few of them went on to earn well-deserved fortunes. Unfortunately, there are now so many people trying to make money blogging that the original ethos of the medium has vanished.

The rot started when "six figure bloggers" realized that they could make a second fortune by selling the secrets of their success. How? By blogging about blogging, and encouraging an army of followers to do the same! Soon, every popular blog niche was overwhelmed by pro-blogs peddling eBooks, on-line seminars, and get-rich-quick formulas.

Pro-blogging has expanded exponentially in the last 10 years and shows no signs of slowing down. Every day, thousands of people start a WordPress blog, load a theme, add a few plug-ins, and start planning to conquer the blogosphere. They buy tips, consume eBooks, and watch tutorials from more established bloggers. Then they try to copy their techniques!

The blogosphere is looking more and more like a Bernie Madoff-inspired pyramid scheme. The six figure bloggers at the top are still getting rich, the first generation of acolytes are getting richer, and everyone else is getting sick of the whole sordid business.

As more and more blogs go professional, the original charm and energy of blogging fades away. Most blog content now seems to be all about getting the referral, or clinching the sale. Some pro-blogs are blatantly commercial, but as the competition gets more intense, more and more are resorting to underhand tricks, negative copy, and downright dishonesty.

Looking at the blogosphere from the outside, you have to wonder how long it can go on in its present form. How many people can realistically make a living, or even pocket change, by blogging about blogging to other people trying to make money by blogging about blogging?

Pro-blogs have their place, but pyramidal-structure of their current revenue model is doomed. Unless bloggers reconnect with the original, selfless ethos of the medium, blog-readers will just give up on blogs completely. With no-one to make money from, pro-bloggers will find that they can't eat their affiliate links.

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