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Great, now you have finally accomplished what usually is the unthinkable for many website owners, you have beat the problem and have created a fantastic way to get page views on your website and now you are thinking to yourself, what do I do now? People often get caught up in the unimportant part of this problem, which will leave them thinking much more about getting views than what they are going to do with them once they have accomplished all of their short term goals. This is very similar to people that spend tons of time on SEO and think that the website traffic is just an offset of the original desire. Think about why you are promoting your website through search engine optimization again, in the end you will realize that you are just after what you thought what a great way to get more website viewers, but eventually you will start spending way too much time on the optimization and less time on your content and pleasing what viewers you already have. A huge problem is often that websites will change their original intentions to something new and at that crossroads they will lose the rather large gathering of viewers that they initially had. We can refer to this problem as the change of fates, when a website wants to be something great and gets people behind the original idea before it has actually been created and yet people all hold their own vision of how the website will turn out and then right before they hit that point the website owner has a second idea and drops the first which leaves the original people feeling used and angry at that website developer.

Fix the Problem
If you are wondering how you can avoid such a tragic outcome you should look towards monetizing your page views currently and then building upon that idea. In other words there is no real reason to start off slow and build in the advertising or whatever way you are planning in the future to make revenue from your website. There are a few different reasons for this and we will start with the most basic of them. Money, if you are going to be monetizing a website at some point why would you wait for it? In the end there will be the same type of visitors that you have now just more but why would you put your website into a tougher position by hurting yourself and giving your current viewers a false idea of how the website will turn out when you finalize it, regardless of the actual content that is being provided to your viewers you will always have to increase that but we are referring to the final website design before a major change. People can get truly attached to a way of being and then when that changes they will not be happy with you and the outcome will also change away from your favor. The next reason that you should start off promoting your website with the same type of monetization that you will do in the future is that people like supporting their websites. It may seem hard to believe but unless you are actually a large corporation, people realize and can compare themselves to you to figure out that you are just another person trying to make a living by producing your own content, something artistic in nature and almost different from the usual way that our lives play out. For this reason you are actually doing yourself a disservice by not helping out both yourself and the way that users see you.

Profit off your Decisions
Now that you have accepted what needs to be done to successfully make both yourself and your viewers happy you need to figure out how you will go about this process of making some revenue for yourself. In the end you should always be realizing that you are in this online game for a reason, maybe it is just to make people happy by providing content but this is normally not true, there is usually another ulterior motive to why someone would start a website which doesn’t make that website owner a bad person it just makes them someone who wants to promote themselves. This should be taken in the best way possible that people would always try to do their best when their own success is bent on it and they will profit the most by producing the best possible content that they can. When salesmen get commissions they are being treated in a similar effect. It’s almost like larger corporations want their workers to think of themselves as if they were working for themselves as this will give them much more motivation and they will end up giving much higher profit to the company and therefore to themselves as they will get a large piece of what they bring in. When you are running a website this works the same way but this can either be a great thing or a terrible thing which is completely based on how you monetize your web traffic and if you are able to bring in enough web traffic. So once you have set up your promotional campaigns and can definitely say that you are bringing in a consistent stream of web traffic to your website you should move onto picking out a good way to monetize your page, then go from there.

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