Display Ads Predicted to Rally in the Coming Years

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If you're not investing enough in display advertising, then you should really consider doing so. A recent study by Forrester Research forecasts that investments in display media, namely contextual listings, static images, rich media ads, as well as pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll online video will increase to $27.6 billion by the year 2016.

In addition, Forrester Research predicts that marketers dealing with the high costs of search advertising will turn to biddable display media (display ads bought through automated auctions) instead. This is because display ads can actually turn out to be cheaper and more effective than search. And apparently, Forrester isn't the only one making this prediction. According to Search Engine Land, the guys at eMarketer also believe that "display advertising spend will surpass search advertising by 2015."

Google thinks so, too
Google recently conducted an experiment to measure the effectiveness of display advertising. In the said experiment, the search giant created two groups: a test group composed of randomly selected people that would see display ads, while browsing the web and a control group composed of users that wouldn't see any ads.

Google compared the two groups, and the results of the study clearly indicated that display ads can have a huge impact on consumers. The search engine ran 25 experiments, and apparently, 80% of those experiments showed incremental conversions due to display ads. Additionally, 53% of these conversions were view-through.

Furthermore, according to Google, one of their advertisers, which happened to be a financial services provider, saw a 60% increase in view-through conversions that can by directly linked to display advertising. They also saw a 19% increase in overall conversions, because of the ads.

Why display ads?
Why is display advertising so effective? Well for starters, people are naturally drawn to images. A lot of people respond positively to visual things. It’s the same reason why posts with images are clicked more, and it's also why visually rich websites such as Pinterest amass a lot of users.

In addition, display ads prove to be effective because they can generate actions that go beyond clicks. Not all users may click on the display ad, but studies show that some people search for the brand or visit its website after seeing an ad. Display advertising campaigns can also make a lasting impression on users, as its effects can be seen even after a month after a user has viewed an ad.

Making the most out of display advertising
Sometimes, having a "winning" display advertising campaign can only be accomplished by trial and error or experimentation. However, there are some tips and guidelines that can greatly increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. Details such as the ad’s colors and call to action button can make or break a conversion, so be sure to carefully choose the elements of your ads.

You want your ads to grab the attention of users, but in a good way. When creating an ad, be sure to use colors that are easy on the eyes. Mix and match the right color combinations to ensure that the content of your ad will stand out, but avoid overly bright colors that can annoy users.

When it comes to the call to action button, you have to be extremely clear on what you want users to do. Even if your ad is just a teaser, try to find a way to explicitly tell audiences where they need to go.

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