Three Blogging Tips to Increase Your Traffic Figures

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Virtually anybody can write a blog post and even maintain a huge blog with countless pages, but unless you can get people to read your posts all of the effort you put into your blog will be worthless. In this article you will find three simple ways of improving your blogging skills so people will read what you have written.

Use In-Text SEO: SEO is a process that successful bloggers use to attract more visitors to their site through Search Engine Optimization. By using SEO blog owners can increase their site rankings in Google, Yahoo and other search engines. This is important because search engines can provide a blog hundreds or even thousands of free visitors to a site in a very short period of time.

To implement in-text SEO you need to put in your main keywords in the blog post title, in the blog post’s introductory paragraph, in the blog post’s concluding paragraph and at least a couple of times through the body of the blog post. The key to successful keyword implementation in a blog post is to ensure that the keywords form a natural part of a sentence. This makes the blog post easier to read while improving the post’s ranking in the major search engines.

Encourage reader participation on your blog. The more readers interact with your blog, the more likely they are to come back or to recommend your blog post to their friends. You can make this easier for your readers to do by including “Share and Follow” plug-ins that provide the most popular social marketing icons at the bottom of each blog post. You can also encourage your blog readers to leave comments at the bottom of each post – if you ask your blog readers a question for example then your readers are more likely to include a comment as a response. If you allow your readers to include their website address as part of the comment form, then these website addresses will also help with the blog’s overall SEO.

Post to your blog on a regular basis. Not only do your readers enjoy regular new content, but search engines do as well. If you do not have the time to write on your blog at least three to four times per week then write up four blog posts in one afternoon and schedule them to be published at different times throughout the forthcoming week. By doing this you are training your readers to check back with your blog on a regular basis and you are showing the search engines that your blog is being maintained regularly. Google in particular likes blogs that have new content added frequently so you should see improvements in your overall blog ranking as your blog develops and grows.

By using these three simple tips you will find that your blog traffic will start to show a steady increase in numbers. Once you have a decent readership for your blog you will find it a lot easier to make a regular income from your readers while providing them with value in your blog niche.

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