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The pattern of online web traffic follows a very intricate path and often can give website owners some very good insight into controlling it to their fullest advantage. This type of info is something that you can use to jump into the equation where you see fit and then take everything that you learn and convert it into a revenue creating resource for your website. Web traffic follows some very certain patterns when looked at on a large scale, it is undeniable that very few power players are actually behind the majority of the traffic. This is demonstrated when you take a look at the main websites, the big ones that everyone knows about and then in comparison towards other similar websites the traffic just seems to drop off by an enormous extent. It is rather funny how a website that just displays user's information like Facebook has millions upon millions of people that are constantly using it to communicate with friends when a much more intricate and intelligently designed site could be completely unnoticed in the grand scheme of things, and while that past example mainly plays into human nature it still shows a growing trend with websites, people are controlled in many different ways that usually are not apparent to the average person.

As we mentioned previously, Facebook is notorious for playing with the minds of their visitors and has almost fully sold themselves out for money, having one of the most powerful and personally targeted advertising campaigns that is directly connected towards people's social lives and commonly liked items. If you find this hard to believe just think about what you do on Facebook, after the average and common idea that you are just using it to communicate with your friends and express yourself you are essentially just imputing your information, sensitive and very extensive at that, into another online form. In the end, it may be presented to you at a very pleasing way and you may actually gain some form of entertainment and enjoyment out of using Facebook they have just stumbled upon a fascinating and great way of getting users to submit themselves into advertising campaigns that can specifically target users based on their personal info. If websites thought they could track you well before, with a guessing strategy that would use user input, as a very low level like using a websites' materials to estimate what age group would enjoy that type of content, now they have your exact info with no qualms. Basically you have just given a perfect way of tracking your purchases and giving more power to advertising, not necessarily a bad thing in any way but you are without a doubt being essentially used by these different companies. Facebook has created their own form of ingenious traffic, they get some users, tell the users that they need online friends and people immediately tell their real life friends to come and give their info to Facebook so they can seem popular among their already group of acquaintances. This way Facebook doesn't even have to try very hard to pressure people into getting their friends to join as no one wants to be the odd man out and every will willingly join. This happens to be a very interesting strategy and basically explains that web traffic can be controlled through various means without the users even having a clue. The next time you are browsing a website and realize that some type of product is literally targeted for you, for instance if you find something that you were specifically thinking of purchasing in the past and maybe have talked about it online, then there is a definite reason for which this ad popped up, and whether this is a good thing or a bad think is entirely up to you.

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