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Whether you're a business owner trying to reach more customers, or a marketing consultant juggling a lot of clients, it's best to always be on your toes. The key to successful marketing is standing out from the rest of the pack and offering something of value to your target audience. Thankfully, the blogosphere is rich with marketing blogs and experts that offer new tips and ideas for marketers and small business owners alike.

Stuck in a rut? Need a fresh marketing perspective? Consult the following blogs and give your marketing campaign a jumpstart!

1. Marketing Land – Considered as the sister site of Search Engine Land, this blog is your top resource for news and information about online marketing. Marketing Land publishes articles, analysis, and columns about Search Marketing, Display Advertising, Mobile, Social Media, and more.

2. Duct Tape Marketing – A blog owned by John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing offers daily tips and insights for marketers and small business owners everywhere. Don't have a lot of time on your hands? Don't worry, Jantsch's blog posts are not that lengthy, and they're very easy to digest. You can even subscribe to his weekly marketing newsletter and he'll throw in a free ebook along with it. About the blogger: Dubbed as the "World's Most Practical Small Business Expert," Jantsch is a renowned author and speaker, and is recognized "for consistently delivering real-world, proven small business marketing ideas and strategies."

3. Neuromarketing – Considered as the place where brain science meets marketing, Neuromarketing covers news about breaking research while relating it to marketing and sales. The blog offers a unique approach to marketing by focusing on consumer behavior and psychology. Curious about who's behind the blog? "Neuromarketing is published and authored by Roger Dooley, president of Dooley Direct, LLC. Dooley is a consultant and entrepreneur who combines knowledge of emerging phenomena like neuromarketing and social networking with decades of hands-on marketing experience."

4. Digital Marketing Blog - Econsultancy – Another great blog for the modern marketer, Econsultancy gives readers the hottest news and info about emerging websites and digital trends. Instead of focusing on tips and strategies though, this blog is more on the data and information side of things. If you need the latest statistics and infographics in the industry, the Digital Marketing blog is a great place to look.

5. Influential Marketing Blog – A blog owned by Rohit Bhargava, IMB covers just about every angle of marketing, advertising, and PR. Bhargava writes about current events, emerging trends, and provides advice and how-tos for various small businesses and marketers. About the blogger: Rohit is the award winning author of Personality Not Included, a founding member of the Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence team, and Adjunct Professor of Global Marketing at Georgetown University.

6. TopRank Online Marketing Blog – Useful for both B2B and B2C companies, the Top Rank Online Marketing blog publishes daily posts about SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, and more. Every now and then, TopRank also conducts interviews with marketing experts from other websites and companies, allowing you gain insights and advice from the best in the industry.

7. Outspoken Media – As a marketing agency, Outspoken Media offers a wide range of Internet marketing services for businesses. Aside from these services though, the company also has a great blog filled with bite-sized posts about Internet marketing.
From actionable tips to funny little tidbits in the industry, you're sure to pick up a few useful (if not, entertaining) things from the Outspoken Media blog.

8. Creating Consumer Evangelists - By Alex L. Goldfayn – Evangelists are like the holy grail of marketing. These are the individuals that go beyond being regular customers or fans of your brand. They are the ones who love your company so much that they spread the word themselves. They tell their friends, preach about you on blogs and forums, and create a lot of organic exposure. Alex Goldfayn's blog teaches you how to create evangelists. He provides tips and strategies about creating great products, understanding customers, and word-of-mouth marketing to help businesses put their names out there.

9. HubSpot Blog – Inbound Internet Marketing Blog – As its name indicates, the HubSpot Blog covers all the bases in Inbound Marketing, and offers insights about the following topics: SEO, blogging, social media, lead generation, email marketing, lead nurturing & management, and analytics. If you want to take your online marketing campaigns to the next level, then this blog is obviously a must-read.

10. MarketingProfs – Why waste time reading articles from so-called "experts" and know-it-alls? Save yourself some time and effort and check out this blog instead. The MarketingProfs editorial team scours the web for the real experts "and in-the-trenches marketers who know what they are talking about," to deliver marketing articles, newsletters, and sponsored seminars & virtual conferences. They also have a forum that allows marketers and business owners to share insights and discuss issues in the industry. Want to go further? The site offers a pro membership where users gain access to PRO seminars, webcasts, special reports, exclusive articles and case studies, 20% off in-person conferences, and more. Pro membership price starts at $279/year.

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