10 Facebook Apps That Will Breathe Life into Your Facebook Page

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10 Facebook Apps for Pages


Trying to get more people to like your page? Or maybe you already have a several likes, but you want to get more engagement out of your fans. In any case, one of the best ways to grab the attention of people on Facebook is with the use of creative landing tabs. If you can give users a great landing page that they can interact with, instead of the just usual Facebook wall, then they'll be more likely to respond, come back, and tell their friends.

The good news is there are tons of Facebook apps out there that can turn your landing tab into just about anything you want. From contact forms and video galleries, to Twitter feeds and coupons, below are some of the top Facebook apps on the web that can help boost the engagement level on your page.

1. ContactMe – A lot of customers nowadays turn to a business' Facebook page to air out any questions, concerns, or praises that they might have. And while the Facebook wall can effectively collect comments, a page will look more professional if it has a separate contact form for users. The ContactMe app installs a basic contact form into your page with just a few clicks. It’s easy to set up and customizable as well. Simply enter the email address where you want the comments to be sent to, assign the questions and fields that you want your form to have, and you're good to go. ContactMe has a free version, but those who want to customize it even further by adding a logo, custom success messages, auto-responders, and more, can upgrade to the premium version when they sign up.

2. Fan of the Week – Show some love to your active Facebook fans with Fan of the Week! Every week, this app automatically selects a fan that interacted with your Facebook page. That fan gets a shout out, and even gets featured on your landing tab. The Fan of the Week app can be extremely effective because it gives fans a sense of appreciation that can further motivate them to interact with your page. Want to take it to the next level? Why not offer actual prizes, such as discounts or promotional items to your fans that get featured?

3. Livestream – If your business occasionally has webcasts or podcasts, then this app is something that you should definitely look into. Livestream allows you to broadcast events to your fans on Facebook. It even has a chat feature that lets users interact with you straight from the social network. This is extremely effective for companies that wish to reach out to their fans from various locations, and it's a great way to give users a deeper connection with the brand. Contrary to what its name indicates, Livestream doesn't always have to be "live." Page owners can record videos and let fans view them at their earliest convenience.

4. Friend Card – Give your fans a helping hand during holidays and special occasions with this app. Friend Card lets fans create and send out branded greeting cards right from your page. Recipients of the card will see it on their Facebook wall, and can even send one back by heading to your page. Since these cards will have your logo and photo of your choice in them, they could help spread the word about your company when enough cards are sent.

5. Booshaka Top Fans – Another app that rewards participating fans, Booshaka installs a "Top Fans" landing tab that lists and ranks your page's top fans, depending on their interaction level with your page. According to the app's website, they have seen "an average 3x lift in Booshaka points with regular promotion of the leader board. Positive reinforcement motivates fans to continue contributing and inspires other community members to join in."

Note: Items 6-10 are from the social media company Involver. These apps are free and can be installed straight from their site by clicking here.

6. RSS Feed – Allowing your fans to subscribe to your blog via RSS is probably one of the most convenient ways to keep users in the loop about your blog. The RSS Feed app syndicates your blog to a tab on your Facebook page, so that your fans can view and share all your latest posts straight from your fan page. (To install RSS Feed, please see the note above.)

7. Twitter – Pretty self-explanatory, this app publishes your tweets to a tab on your fan page. The Twitter app can be a very convenient add-on to your Facebook page; fans who follow both your tweets and Facebook posts don't have to visit two separate sites to be updated with your current online activities. (To install Twitter, please see the note above.)

8. YouTube – Have you heard? YouTube recently announced that they get around 4 billion viewers per day. Not only that, but one hour of video is uploaded to the site every second. Yes, those numbers are very staggering, but the good news is that you can be a part of it. Creating promotional, instructional, or information videos can greatly increase awareness about your business, and using Facebook to spread the word can really build up some buzz about your company. If you already have a YouTube channel (or you're planning to create one) be sure to check out this app for Facebook to see how you can bring the power of YouTube to the social network. (To install YouTube, please see the note above.)

9. Static HTML – Don't need fancy effects and videos on your Facebook page? Check out Static HTML. If you just want a simple welcome message for your fans, this app provides you with the easiest way to place images and content to a landing tab. Just install the app, and you'll be able to render a static HTML code onto your fan page with a few clicks. (To install Static HTML, please see the note above.)

10. Coupons – Reward your Facebook fans and visitors with Coupons. This app can have awesome effects for you company both at an online and offline level, since it can be an effective tool to generate likes and increase sales at the same time. After all, if there's one thing that can greatly motivate people to buy a product or service, it's a hefty discount. Additionally, in this economy, everyone's looking for a bargain, so your coupons are bound to be a hit with your fans. (To install Coupons, please see the note above.)

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