5 Easy Ways to Increase Sales Potential with Social Media

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Social media sites are not for blatant advertising. Their strength lies in the ability for businesses of all stripes to establish trust among potential clients. Rather than just make offers to a opt-in subscriber base, the entrepreneur can build a social network of customers focused on the kind of products and services they're most interested in. But there are rules that must be followed before the use of social media brings in the kind of customers every business needs.



Recognizing Individuality
Everyone is different and no two people have exactly the same interests. General advertising is a hit-and-miss method of trying to find that one individual from the crowd that might be interested in a product. Social media makes it easier to find potential customers. Once they've been found, they can be treated as individuals with special needs. Whether they're just surfing out of curiosity or looking for something specific, you can use social media to customize your approach. Even if they're not ready to buy, you can stay in touch without pressuring them into taking unwanted actions.

Personalize Your Messages
You won't attract many customers if your message is exactly the same for everyone you meet on Twitter or Facebook. Personalizing takes longer than sending out a standard reply form. Since competition is fierce, you need to make several personalized messages just to keep your clients interested in your business. For example, you may know the birthdays and anniversaries of your customers. This enables you to send special greetings through social media and demonstrates genuine friendship.

Creating Partnerships
Today's customer likes to feel he's a part of the action in your company. While he may not be interested in becoming an investor, he feels important when his opinions, suggestions and ideas are considered. A lot of businessmen forget that promoting their business on Facebook or LinkedIn is a sure way of driving away any interest in what they offer since their actions don't involve the customer's concerns. As a businessman, you're likely quick to blacklist anyone who tries to sell you what you don't need.

Never Push
In a real life business, you don't want to push for a sale as soon as someone walks through the doors of your retail establishment. The same applies to social media. You're there to act as an expert to answer questions anyone has about your products. Your media followers don't want to feel like you're pushing them for a sale. They want friendly and informative interactions. They want to feel comfortable well before they decide to browse the products on offer on your website.

Provide a Good Reason to Make a Buying Decision
It's one of the tenets of salesmanship. Give the customer a good reason to buy from you. This doesn't necessarily mean giving away the house. Once a customer trusts you, it will help him to make a buying decision when he sees some of the many benefits and features you offer. These can include free reports, ebooks, testimonials and articles that show them how your products can solve their particular problems and make life easier.

The proper use of social media can be one of the best methods of getting new customers and keeping existing ones. It takes far longer to establish a basis of trust than it would through expensive and direct advertising, but happy customers help create a viral network as more customers come to you for information and to buy.

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