Twitter Set to Roll Out Enhanced Profiles on February 1

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Twitter Enhanced Profiles - Roll Out Feb 1st


Alright, social media aficionados, get ready to see some changes on Twitter in the coming weeks. According to Business Insider, the microblogging site will start to roll out enhanced profiles, which will enable brands to "build platforms on their pages that could include iFrame environments, allowing users to play games or shop on a brand's site without actually leaving the Twitter environment."

Other features offered in enhanced profiles include an above the fold banner across the profile, which would allow brands to upload an 835 x 90 header to be placed at the upper part of the page. There's also an added capability to pin a tweet at the top of the page, so that new visitors will be able to see a select post right away. Additionally, brands can choose to promote a selected tweet that will also appear at the top of the page. These promoted tweets can be targeted according to location, and brands can choose multiple promoted tweets, with the most effective and popular posts appearing on top more often. Moreover, if promoted or "pinned" tweets contain images, videos, or links, then these will appear pre-expanded in the feed, allowing users to immediately view the content.

Who Gets 'Em?

The new features were first launched in December 2011, but not everyone was given a chance to use them. As Fast Company reported, Twitter's enhanced profiles are in "velvet-rope mode," since only select verified brands were offered the privilege to try out the new look. Some of these brands include Coca-Cola, Jet Blue, McDonald's, HP, Disney Pixar, and others.

Nonetheless, despite the "roll out" this coming February 1st, not everyone will be able to gain access to Twitter's enhanced profiles. According to a source of Business Insider, "You can only get an Enhanced Profile Page if you are verified."

Still though, it will be very interesting to see how companies will use the new features that come with enhanced profiles. The attention spans of users on Twitter can sometimes be very limited, so brands will need to choose their banners, tweets, and content wisely if they really want to grab the attention of their customers and followers.

How Will Enhanced Profiles Be Used?

Perhaps brands that are planning to get enhanced profiles should follow the footsteps of those pages that have already gotten a taste of Twitter's enhanced features. In a post entitled "For Brands, Twitter's Enhanced Profile Pages Make Every Tweet Count," Fast Company gives an excellent rundown of how selected brands are using their enhanced profiles.

HP for instance, decided to use the ability to pin tweets at the top of the page, to promote content by their followers. In a mini-campaign, HP asked their followers to "tweet a pic of how HP helps you do what you do." The staff hand-picked tweets and featured them at the top of their page. This was a pretty brilliant move by the company, and as Fast Company put it, HP "essentially created a reason for existing followers to return to the branded page."

On the other hand, companies that have an upcoming product launch or event can tweak their enhanced profiles to ensure that all the elements of the page are working together. Disney Pixar, for example is using its enhanced profile to promote an upcoming movie called "Brave." Aside from having a customized profile background, the animation company used the banner space to display a streamer for the movie, and a tweet containing the trailer for Brave is pinned at the top of the page.

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