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The most important piece of running a social media campaign is making sure that you are actually increasing your efforts and making a significant profit off of your work. People will often focus on what seems like the largest piece of a deal and will see how many people they can get to link to their website and how many likes or favorites they can get which works, but the truth is that these are just secondary issues. The real thing that you are searching for when you enter into a promotional campaign using social media is the increase in clicks and page views. People and investors want to see larger traffic gains from this type of campaign and it can be done but the truth is that you need to constantly increase your efforts to make sure that you are getting better and better with the traffic gains over time, this is to say that there can be a plateau effect that plagues the people that run social media and do not have enough tricks up their sleeve to finish the job.

The First Level
The beginning to social media can start in your desire to increase your products media attention and to gain many more followers. You need to build some product relevancy which means you need to get people to start getting on your side versus your competitors which should lead to many more sales because people will start vouching for you and giving your product a strong background. Social media campaigns can be broken into a few separate pieces that starts out with the actual campaign. What are you going to try and push into the minds of your potential visitors? Do you need lots of people to view your website so that they will talk about your product and hopefully it will grow and go into the minds of the people in your niche or is your product pretty popular and well known. These are important questions to ask yourself so you can figure out exactly what you need to accomplish a successful and profitable product. Everyone is able to throw together a small Facebook page or a fan page and then promote it to some people, maybe friends and family, maybe the occasional website viewer will give you a click but you can tell right off the bat who the experienced professionals are in the field because these will be the people that get millions of views or thousands of likes because they know how to almost control the thoughts and minds of the visitors. The idea of that social or viral marketing is very strong because it plays to people's emotions and makes them think that they are part of something larger, something more important then they would normally be. For instance we can see tons of social marketing done in Youtube with the viral ads that basically just do some product placement in a funny video and then downplay the originality and source of the video. Almost anyone can profit from this type of social marketing and that is why it is so amazing, you get views for a video that is funny and entertains your visitors but you get customers from the people that view your product and become attached to it, often giving you a strong reputation because large factors are sponsored by you.

Getting into People's Minds
The trick to social marketing and social media is really just figuring out what your viewers want to hear and then playing them exactly what they ask for. For instance, if you are trying to market a weight loss product you will indirectly advertise your product by promoting it thought the eyes of someone who has successfully used your product and is vouching for you. In the eyes of the customer this will be extremely credible and will make for a quick and easy sale. This is not even taking into account just how much of what we purchase is actually in regards to our friends. Almost all of what we purchase is because there is a good review or qualities that make it look good to us. If the customer thinks that the product is great and loves to tell their friends about it, then that can be translated into thinking that your product is worth the money and this will definitely cause more people to invest in your product. The idea is that you want people to choose your product over any other one in your category of goods, and that means that you need to play the friendship card and get people onto your side. Many great companies do this and are able to built a cult-like following that will buy their products no matter what. This is partly demonstrated in Apple as a company due to their strong following and the way that almost anyone who has bought an iProduct will be able to see just how strong the social marketing really is for them. People love to go and stand outside Apple stores to wait for the newest product launch but for what reason? So that they can waste time and purchase a product that will be sold all around the world later that day with less inconveniences and possibly even a better value to go along with the product. If you are a strong social marketer and can control your own social media you will have an easy time controlling the market that you wish which will lead to the strongest impact on sales throughout both your competition and you.

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