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So now you have all of these awesome page views coming in and you have a steady stream of your own organic traffic that will almost always follow through on a regular basis... you have achieved most of your short term traffic related goals thanks to web traffic and maybe you have done a good job of targeting the traffic so that it helped out your website very quickly and with minimal added effort. Whatever you have done to get to this point is clearly working and now you need to step up your efforts to the next level. So how can you get to this next level, how can you make your page views turn into revenue that goes straight into your pocket. This is a very hard question to answer but it has clearly been debated between many people over time and some people have figured out the answer possibly wanting to keep it for themselves. Basically no matter what you do in order to be fully effective you will have to throw your own spin on what you are producing in order to stay ahead of your competition, no one wants to read yesterday's news and only some people want to ready today's news, the real thing that interests people is what will happen tomorrow. The internet works in the same way as that analogy and basically everyone will get caught up in something cool for a day but if you don't keep up that same level of interesting content then it could go away just as soon as you were introduced to it.

Now that you have really excelled on the hardest part of the trip and have gotten yourself a solid user base of viewers that really have fallen in love in your content the normal and effortless way to monetize your site would be through advertisement but there are also some obscure ways that can work on various websites depending on what you have to offer and what you would like to do with your website in the future. In fact, there are hundreds of ways that you could go about this and each and every single one could work best for you depending on what kind of website you have. There are thousands of ideas for websites that are highly profitable and many that understandably haven't even been invented yet which leaves a very promising future for people that are just starting with websites right now. This is great for the business as a whole and in the end any type of indirect advice will help you out much more in the long run than on short term plan that is unlikely to fit into your specific needs; the most important thing to remember is that you need to put your own creativity and your originality to the test to see just how far you can take an idea.

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