3 Fundamental Tips: How to Keep Visitors Coming Back to Your Website

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There are many websites that are more about style than substance. They have well-placed keywords and all the right links, but their content is lacking. Google has recognized this trend, too. Each change in their searching methods suggests they want to provide web users with a list of websites designed to meet their needs, not hackneyed web efforts created to trick the system. So what can you do to ensure your website meets a person's needs? There are 3 fundamental steps you can take to keep visitors coming back to your website.

Provide original content

People will want to come back to your website if you offer something no one else can. For that reason, duplicate content is a turn off. Visitors visit your site because they want to be engaged by you or your organization. They want information that is unique; they want to be told something that they had not quite considered before. Sometimes, they want content that lets them know a bit about how the person who is sharing the information views the world. In short, they want something that comes off as human, not duplicated and automated.

Produce new content frequently

Of course, it is not enough only to share a few pieces of original content. Regular updates are crucial to collecting a loyal group of followers. Unless content is fresh, there is little reason to return to a site. Regular updates can also boost your legitimacy as a voice in your industry. If you update regularly on topics that are hot in your field, it becomes clear that you know what is going on, and that you are keen to share new industry developments.

Build a community

Successful websites that attract regular users are, in many cases, a community. In other words, the site is more than walls of text and eye-catching graphics. It is, instead, an interactive space where visitors feel compelled not only to read your content, but comment on it. The comments on these pages lead to interesting conversations, where many involved are likely to return again and again. Open up your site to discussion, and prompt it by asking open-ended questions that could bring out any number of responses.

Clever tips and tricks for boosting search rank may land you on the first page of Google, but that does not guarantee visitors will return. Instead, think about your site as a visitor-centered experience. Your visitors tend to want original content, often, and they want to be able to engage with it through conversation. Incorporate those properties into your website and you are very likely to see visitors coming back.

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