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SEO: Twitter accounts to follow


When you're in SEO, staying in the know is a must. A single algorithmic update from Google can make or break your rankings, so you need to be on top of breaking news and search engine information in order to update your strategy accordingly.

A good RSS feed or reader can help you keep track of key news outlets and individuals in the SEO industry, so be sure you have one. When you're in hurry or on the go, it's ideal to turn to Twitter instead. Get important doses and bite-sized updates by creating a list of SEO-relevant Twitter accounts to ensure that you don't miss anything when it comes to search engine info. Be sure to keep your list lean, and only include important names in the industry. Need some suggestions? Check the some of our picks below:

1. Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) – His official job title is "Head of Webspam Team" at Google, and in SEO circles, he's the go-to person when it comes to getting the latest algorithmic updates from the largest search engine on the web. We all know that Google is constantly tweaking its search algorithms to filter out spam and produce the most relevant results, and as Cutts is the head of the webspam department, expect him to be one of the first to know about important search updates. When he's not tweeting about SEO, Cutts is usually talking about the quirky things at Google, so it's usually either informative or fun to read his posts.

2. Search Engine Land (@sengineland) – Considered as one of the best news sources when it comes to SEO, Search Engine Land should be a must-follow if you're in the industry. The site constantly breaks news about Google, Bing, and Yahoo, so it's a great account to have on your list. Aside from news though, the Search Engine Land staff produces great columns and feature articles about SEO, SEM, as well as PPC. Catch in-depth analyses and commentaries about SEO straight from experts and always be kept in the loop should the next major search update rolls along.

3. Lisa Barone (@LisaBarone) – As co-founder and branding officer at Outspoken Media, you know that this woman knows her SEO. She mostly tweets about SEO and link building for small businesses, so she's a good account to follow when you're a local entrepreneur trying to build up your businesses' ranking on the web. She also tweets a lot about SEO events and conferences, so be sure to keep her on your list if you're big on meet ups and other events.

4. SE Roundtable (SERoundtable) – The site's Twitter description said it best: SE Roundtable is "The Pulse of the Search Marketing Community." The site is also regarded as a credible news outlet that constantly puts out useful information about SEO, SEM, and other related topics. SERoundtable tweets daily and weekly recaps, which serve as roundups of important industry information, so be sure to check those out to ensure that you don't miss anything when it comes to industry news and updates.

5. SEOmoz (@seomoz) – Aside from being known for its advanced SEO software, SEOmoz is also famous for having an active community of users that are always sharing tips and resources about SEO. Moreover, this community is behind YouMoz, a user generated search industry blog that's always publishing useful, and sometimes "out of the box" content that the average SEO guy can use. Still need convincing? Check out their Twitter account—you're bound to find something useful within 2 minutes of reading.

6. Ian Lurie (@portentint) – Aside from being a renowned author and speaker, Lurie is also the founder and CEO of Portent, an Internet Marketing company that offers SEO and PPC services. That alone should tell you that he's a great Twitter account to follow if you're in the SEO industry. Lurie constantly publishes tweets that about Internet marketing and search engines, so be sure to keep him on your list if you're interested in the above-mentioned topics.

7. AJ Ghergich (@SEO) – His Twitter handle, good 'ol plain "SEO", should say it best. Ghergich is a well-known SEO and Link Building Expert, as well as the CEO of Authority Domains Inc. Needless to say, he's always tweeting about SEO, SEM, and the like. From news on Google's algorithms and posts on link building, to tips on SEO and social media marketing, AJ Ghergich is a great person to have on your list, if you're keeping an eye out in the industry.

8. Distilled (@distilled) – Another prominent Internet Marketing company, Distilled serves as an awesome resource for information about SEO, SEM, link building, and more. The company's Twitter account is a good one to have on your list, as the people at Distilled are constantly posting tips and news articles about the industry. Additionally, the company is big at organizing SEO events, so if you're planning to attend some industry-related conferences this year, be sure to check them out. Their events are held in the US and in London, making them accessible to people from various parts of the world. Visit their site and Twitter account to stay in the loop.

9. SEO Book (@seobook) – This site is a great resource for SEO tips, and it's been ranked by Google as the top SEO training program. Whether you're a beginner who's only starting to build up your website's rankings, or a seasoned SEO expert, be sure to pay them a visit. SEO Book offers over 100 training modules, and constantly publishes free tips about link building and SEO. The site publishes posts that are easy to read and digest, and they cover a wide range of topics including Internet marketing, keyword research, web directories, and even blogging. Be sure to check out SEO Book on Twitter for more details.

10. Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) – Last, but most certainly not the least. Sullivan is one of the few people that can be rightfully called an SEO "guru." He's been in the industry for well over a decade, so you can bet that Sullivan knows the inside tricks of the trade. He's also the editor of (mentioned above), and produces insightful posts on SEO and SEM. Sullivan is always one of the first to break news about search, since he usually gets first-hand information from Google; he speaks directly with the search engine's higher-ups such as Matt Cutts (also mentioned above), Google's current executive chairman Eric Schmidt, and more.

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